Clones by Mail?

Discussion in 'Strains and Seeds' started by snow owl, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. snow owl

    snow owl Registered+

    After being all over this site I've noticed some references to people purchasing clones over seeds. I ruled out that posibility prior to seeing these references for the following presumptions.

    1. Poor Stealth (also easier to identify plant vs. seed)

    2. Air Circulation (D.O.A.)

    3. Light Deprivation (Possible hermies from stress, sickly mother stock)

    If any one has ordered clones and not suffered the above, please share and discuss shipping and packaging methods used. It be great to order a mother right out of the box.
  2. bruiser

    bruiser Registered+

    I hear ya dude,would be cool to get a mother straight from the potters pot!,interesting question I too wait for others to reply to your question..
  3. NoosaHeads

    NoosaHeads Registered+

    Honestly I cant see how mail order clones could survive the shipping...
  4. OR Freebird

    OR Freebird Registered+

    Man, it would be really great if someone would just grow the stuff for me and then give it to me. I mean, why should I have to do any work?

    Dude, just buy some seeds.
  5. OR Freebird

    OR Freebird Registered+

    Clones are pretty fragile -- I think feminized seeds are a better bet.
  6. NoosaHeads

    NoosaHeads Registered+

  7. monstermunchies

    monstermunchies Registered+

    i have hard enough problems keeping clones alive, OUT OF AN ENVELOPE. also clones smell unlike seeds so would probably get caught.
  8. snow owl

    snow owl Registered+

    Don't get me wrong OR Freebird, I got some Willy Jack Brainers in six weeks of veg FROM SEED. But the germinating part to me is in the hands of God, I dont get to enjoy my hobby or have any influence until seedling and thats when the fun starts.
  9. snow owl

    snow owl Registered+

    Oh ya, I also have some skunk#1, shanti shiva, and experimental #1 all from seed.
  10. Botanyx

    Botanyx Registered+

    Greenthumb Seeds ships clones within Canada only. my buddy got some Endless Sky clones and they were fine when they arrived. Call Doc at 613-330-2404 and ask since I think it's only in Canada
  11. snow owl

    snow owl Registered+

    thanx botanyx, coincidence because endless sky was the strand i was looking at next, how much for clones?
  12. The Student

    The Student Registered+


    snow owl - Hey where did you pick up your skunk #1 at? Is it skunkman sam's skunk, or a variety there of?

    Thanks for any info.

    Take care

  13. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    Clones may be shipped in a poster tube wraped in plastic bag. Shipping is done using an overnight service. They are fine and have no real stress they normaly come in a peat moss block so they have plenty of water to last the 24 hours of shipping.
  14. OR Freebird

    OR Freebird Registered+

    You got a point there ... I guess I hate the germinating phase too. And then the waiting to sex'em. I'm lucky that I have friends who grow. We share clones regularly.

    Working on creating a mother plant, once I find that perfect plant that I want to just keep re-growing.

    P.S. I actually went in to edit my post becuase I thought I sounded like a dick, but I waited to long and had to settle for a second, less dick-like post.

  15. snow owl

    snow owl Registered+

    Hi Student,

    A friend who never followed through on his own garden gave me the seeds, unfortunately I dont know the source. The germination rate was low if that speaks for the source at all.

    Thanx to Zandor for posting shipping methods.
  16. Zero Revolt

    Zero Revolt Registered+

    Zandor is there anything you don't know? No offense but your like a machine or something. When we dicuss cannabis cultivation your like a Lexus and you make me feel like a old beat up VW Beetle. :(
  17. snow owl

    snow owl Registered+

    Takes a good man to apologize. Accepted. Now that Zandor actually has given us a proven shipping technique maybe we can all barter clones now. I have some good mother stock in a month to barter with, until then, anyone wishing to sell clones should post.
  18. OR Freebird

    OR Freebird Registered+

    I'm going to try to revert one of my plants to a mother state. The way it looks right now, it's a saver. Have no idea what kind it is, but lots of huge stalk buds, crystally and very sticky/stinky.

    Thanks for accepting the apology, I'll think a little longer before I post next time and try to keep it a little more positive. Post back if you receive them (in US??).
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2005
  19. Dyranty

    Dyranty Registered+

    This sucks, im broke, and i just moved back to Buffalo........ not the way i intended too either...... found out my hook up for clones got busted..... Anyone know where a cheap ass broke mofo can get some seeds very cheap? did i mention im broke? bah im gonna go smoke some lawn im so depressed....... ( the funny part is i just applied for a job as a lawn spray tech....) yummmmmmmm chemicals........
  20. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    There is a lot I don't know but thank you for the complement. For the record I like old VW's. If I could find a good deal on a bus that would make me very

    The old hippy is starting to show again

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