Clones from plants in flowering stage, why not?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by fivefingerlid, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. fivefingerlid

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    I know that it is by general concensus not considered the proper time to take clones during flowering. Can someone tell me why taking clones from plants in flowering is not a good idea?? If I did and they took root would there be anything that I would be confronted with later on during the plants growth that I would have to take into consideration??

    Input anyone?
  2. Marc Benson

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    I'm trying exactly this right now. Hacked a shoot off the bottom of a plant and threw it in some water. Read an article where this guy was doing clones in just a plain old glass of tap water and had real success. Said you could use shoots from a flowering female but he suggested cutting the flower off and most leaves. Reason being that he felt that since the cutting didn't have any roots that it really couldn't support much vegatative matter. Being one to wonder if you could just cut one off, throw it in some pH adjusted water, get some roots going, and then put it in some soil and throw a cool white cfl (for some veg) and a warm white cfl (to keep the flower going) on it and see if it would prosper...that's what I'm doing. Cut it 2 days ago. Scratched up the bottom 1" of the stem (not a lot just rough it up...supposed to help promote root growth) and it looks perfect. They say you can expect roots to start growing in 4 to 7 days. If they do I'll let them grow a little, carefully put it in some soil and see what happens!
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    First reason.. you loose buds...
    Unless you are taking weak cuttings from the botttom of tall plants where light does not penetrate and there will be no bud loss....

    How far into flowering are you?

    A plant that regenerates from flowering back to veg can be very interesting. Especially if it had some small buds already forming. When you put the plant back into an 18 hour cycle each ofthe individual seed pods turns into a branch.. The plant gets bushy as fuck.. very cool if you want millions of clones.

    good luck

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    and millions of hermies :)
  5. Marc Benson

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    People are doing a lot of this and the percentages of herms are no different than any other form of controlled experimentation. Additionally, going from a known female is giving them a far better chance of the plant staying female. I've got one trying to root right we'll see. I'll take some photos of it...tic toc tic toc tic toc

    Now if your plant gets thrips it may turn hermie. I know one guy that had that happen. Course another guy I know had a plant that had thrips and his looks like this right now. For sure not because it was stress free or that the grower had a green thumb. Just the luck of the draw sometimes.

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  6. fivefingerlid

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    3 weeks in flower clones from bottom of plants

    Well, I would almost say I have lost track of time (not a good thing to do-especially when trying to establish a perpetual crop) :p lol but truth of the matter is I have wound up just growing by observation of the plants and their approximate stage of growth. what the fuck does that have to do with cloning, you may ask? :confused: Well I have got 3 maybe four different sets of plants and each was started in flowering at different times all from seeds. It wasn't until I put the last bunch into fl;owering (about 3 weeks ago) :rolleyes: that I realized that I should have taken clones before going into flowering :rolleyes: .so even the last few to be put into flowering are already forming buds but I got to get some clones started~AM I FARBLING FROM THE JAW OR WHAT~ :D :D {the first plants are ripe and I been testin the shit and it is the bomb} :eek: :D

    for sakes of retardo.... :eek: forgot what the fuck I was talking about. :D ... think I better finish stop .... I go now

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    Hi fivefingerlid

    i think the reason why u take clones when veging is cos he plant is still at a stage when its developing roots and the cutting does the same

    i think u can take cuttings when flowering, but its harder for them to develop roots cos the cutting is all set up for flowering
  8. red662

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    marci was just bout 2 post the exact same thing 4 years my mam has been clonin all her plants and im talkin some fusy plants, shes in2 her gardenin, anyway her method, never failed, is exactly as u said, takes her cuttin and in2 plain oul water, rots show soon after and hey presto.
    i know mary j isnt a plant she works with but same principle no??

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