Clones in rockwool? WTF is up.. slower than shit!

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by lampost, Jan 23, 2010.

  1. lampost

    lampost Registered+

    I just got some clones rooted in soil and they fuckin' TOOK OFF. This LA Confidential is a little BUSH for sure, GIANT leaves, it's so beautiful!. These things started growing as soon as I transplanted.

    A week later I got a couple more clones, this time they were in rockwool. I did notice roots on all of them as I transplanted. Now it's been 8 days and these things haven't grown AT ALL. I haven't noticed any growth... above the soil.

    Do rockwool clones take longer to root? Man, these fuckers are slow. I'm going to have to flower them as soon as they root and start to grow or else these other LAC's will be mammoths!
  2. phatsesh101

    phatsesh101 Registered+

    rockwool sucks i use rapid rooters
  3. lampost

    lampost Registered+

    Thanks bro, I'll be avoiding rockwool clones in the future!
  4. anbesol

    anbesol Registered+

    I love Soil for clones
  5. lampost

    lampost Registered+

    Me too. I don't have much experience, but the soil ones I had are about a week ahead of the rockwool fuckers!! Natural is best...

    They did finally take off though!!:D
  6. palerider7777

    palerider7777 Banned

    rock wool is garbage junk no good so on.i have always used rapid rooters they are the best. last batch of clones i bought was rocwool.b4 this i have never had a problem.these things are growing slow as fuck and as a bonus i now have fungus nats.thats another first in my room.notice the gunk that grows ontop of the rocwool this promotes pests. these shops better wise up or they will loose i for one will never go outside what i know is best and learn i guess.

    roc wool is garbage junk that will hurt your crop and cause problems in your grow for sure.
  7. lampost

    lampost Registered+

    LMAO! Bro did you ever grow out those BB clones you got from the narc?

    Just be glad you didn't get spider mites!!
  8. palerider7777

    palerider7777 Banned

    yea still in veg they have been growing crazy slow they are just now starting to take off.
  9. Fackler

    Fackler Registered

    the less h2o the better. use a heating pad.

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