clones slow growing and strange things pls help

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    :( Hello

    This are clones from my already cropeed plants.
    I now have 2 Blueberrys , 2 White widows, and 2 The church.
    The growroom is 2 HPS x 250W. with a fan.

    The plants are really slow growing.
    They have been in shallow light for 2 weeks with humidifiers.
    After that I took them to my friends house and he had them on his window for another 2 weeks.
    They slow growed but they growed.

    Now I bring them to the empty room.
    1 of them looks like it is flowering, with white hair , and some small tricomes.
    Other plants is dropy.
    There are some small flyes going around and I do not like them .
    They like to be over the soil.
    Also a mushroom grew on the side of one of them.
    I thought there were small holes in the pot, but there are 4 quite big holes.

    Anyone please guess ..
    I need to make them 6 work out fine.


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  2. Ganja Guerrilla

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    2 weeks in the window put your plant into budding cycle, put your lights to 18/6 or on 24/7 veg cycle they will come back to vegging

    sounds like fungus gnats, between that & the mushrooms , & the leaf droop its evident you water too much , which is also causing you unhealthy plants
    water the plants when they dryout with neem oil & sprinkle some garlic powder on the soil and hang a couple "No Pest Strips" for the returning adults

    they need to be fed, start off @ 1/4 strength ferts and slowly work up in strength

    cut back on your watering amounts & frequency & check the PH of your water optimum ph for soil is 6.5 - 6.8ph
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    imo ...more info is needed to make an educated guess.

    But if I were guessing, and I've dealt w/them, I'ld say the gnats are doing you in.

    Neem oil will kill the adults, but the adults do not eat. The larve in the soil eat roots by boreing into the roots. neem oil is no good for this. also! nothing will kill eggs, and they can survive drought and flood. screens on windows will not keep them out, not small enough.

    get some gnatrol or mosquitoe plunks(much cheaper) I can tell you how to use later. mtc

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