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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by legalize_it420_4ever, Jul 13, 2008.

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    my blueberry clones seem to be significantly slower rooting then my other strains. i kno it is more dificult to grow but is this normal? 1/2 of them died the other 1/2 look healthy but should have better roots by now in my opinion im is there a trick to taking cuts from blueberry thats different then other strains? they were all givin rooting hormone and kept moist n everything what im wondering is there a trick to it or do i just need to be more patient?

    oh and im trying to root them in dirt without any kind of buble cloner thing
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    No different than other varieties, that I'm aware of. Just follow normal cloning techniques and you should be fine. With my BBxNL cuttings, I get about 98% success in dirt, and about 99.9% in the cheapo aerocloner.

    The key to big healthy root masses is scarification, preferably through a node (where a stem meets the main stalk). You'll never get a big healthy plant unless it starts with a big healthy set of roots. Search it if you don't know about it.
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    the survivers rooted now but they did take longer to root then my other strains and my sucsess rate was nowhere near 90% if i had to guess it was around 50-60% 70 at best. i understand what ur talkin about it took me a second to realize what u meant by scarification lol. i did scar some of them n i didnt others some1 told me u dont need to so i figured id see which had a lower mortality rate for myself but i never marked which were which so lookin at it now i probably lost a bunch of cuts for nothin lol oh well live n learn thanks 4 ur input dude this is like my second time cloning it definatly beats seed in many ways
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    As a point of intrest, I have cloned blueberry recentlly. (se my Belladonna/Blueberry/Sweet tooth log in grow log section / sorry no link, short on time.

    All of my BB clones took, did not loose a one of them. I took my cutting at two stage increments, not 3 or more like I have seen others do. I used a simple clone tray and dome, with little peat starter plugs. I had new growth on all cuttings in about 3 days. They are all doing very well outside, about 3' high, 2 main shoots growing, about 1 month old. I was able to take 140 cuttings from 3 plants, only using bottom 4 shoots. If anything the strain seemed to clone VERY well, and evenlly

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