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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by sirruler, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. sirruler

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    hi peeps, i've been given a 5 seeds out of sympathy for my sorry looking crop :D problem is they are Afgan Kush Autoflower, is it posible to take clones from them or will the clones flower before they get a chance to veg?
    i did search the forums and couldnt find an answer to this problem but there again there are toooo many posts to look through. i dont know anything about Autoflowering seeds so any help on this would be most welcome. thanks
  2. oldmac

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    Hey there sirruler;

    It is not possible to clone (propagate by cuttings) autoflowering strains. It is possible to clone via tissue culture (micro-propagation), but that is well past most hobbyists.

    Your only viable method to produce more plants is to produce more seeds.
    Consider producing feminized seeds if you do that, it makes growing the autoflowering strains easier, with less chance to produce unwanted seeds.
  3. sirruler

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    the seeds i ahve are feminised (i forgot to mention) so i will have to try to find a way to get them to herm on me to get seed. thanks for the info and fast reply :)
  4. justanotherbozo

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    with auto-flowering strains, plants flower according to how old they are and so
    any cuttings you get to root will flower at the same time as the parent plant.

    so with auto-flowers you either just finish them and start over with a real strain
    or, better still, just toss them in the trash where they belong and start something
    you can clone and carry into the future.

    personally, i have 24 mothers that have been providing me with cuts for almost
    a year, one of them, my bagseed plant, for almost 2 years, and i don't have
    to wait to find out if they're female.

    auto-flowers are made by seedmakers trying to make a buck and, if they succeed,
    we as growers will loose all control and just have to keep buying seeds from the

    my point is that auto-flowering strains are like the herpes of the cannabis culture.
  5. sirruler

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    yup autoflower seeds isnt something i'd ever buy but they were a gift, at this poing i'll grow anything as summer is near and i have nothing to smoke. thanks for the advice :thumbsup:
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  6. justanotherbozo

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    lol, yeah, i figured that's what you'd do, that's why i suggested that first.

    and i'm not attacking you, i'm glad you understood that.

    i just have a pet peeve about auto-flowers, God help us all if that trait spreads.
  7. sirruler

    sirruler Registered+

    well i have heard about autoflowering seeds before but i know little about them and from what ive read so far i understand they are best left alone. personally i like to flower them when i choose too and not by 30 days of popping out of the seed. i dont think i wil bother to try and get seeds from them by attemtping top herm them, i'll just grow them out and buy some real seeds when i get more spare money.
    if they start to flower at 30 days after germination surely they will be too small? well i will find out soon enough i guess lol
  8. justanotherbozo

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    from everything i've heard you can expect somewhere around 1\2 zip
    per plant, i doubt they grow any bigger than that.

    keep in mind also that there is magic in the beans man so, if you have any
    seeds left over from sacks you bought, you might be surprised how good it'd
    be if you grew it out. you just never know which seed is gonna grow killer bud.

    that's why cloning is so important too because, once you find that killer bud, you
    can keep it for years, you can even cross-pollinate it with a male and create
    your own strains.

    what that means is that you, as the grower, are in control rather than the
    friggin' seedmakers.

    anyone willing to pollute the cannabis gene pool with Ruderalis genes is
    nothing more than a seedmaker and not a true breeder, period, just
    another asshole lookin' to make a buck.
  9. oldmac

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    Hi Justanotherbozo,

    I think your're too late, that trait has spread and will continue to spread, just look at some of the questions that are starting to appear here on these boards; "I'm vegging my plant under 24/0 (or 18/6) and it is flowering, what can I do?"

    I too have had some very strong feelings against the auto strains, in fact I almost killed my housemate when he suggested using them about 6 months ago. I also thought it was worst then herpes, more like HIV of genetics, but I've done some research and I have to admit they have a place, especially with the "hobbyist". There are people looking to plant and grow out one or two plants for a little medicine or enjoyment. They don't have the inclination to grow, sex, clone etc, just want a plant or two. In a interview with the Joint Dr. he states what his lowryder series market is and why.

    Actually, we should be more concerned with what the small time closet grower has been doing to genetics. Buy 5 beans, grow 2 or 3 and is on his way. While the resulting plant is the strain he bought, you can be almost sure that it is not a prime example of the strain. You need to grow out 10 or so, and pick out the best 1 or strength, node spacing, size etc.
    Then he has 3 or 4 strains in his closet, and his poor techniques lead to hermies, a bunch of unwanted seeds and....crosess that even the grower has no idea of who did who. He will claim he has Bla Bla crossed with Lah, and in fact it's shit. I've seen pictures on these boards of people claiming they are growing "xyz indica" and you can see the leaves are sativa, and the question is usually "my girl has been in 12/12 for 12 weeks now and is still growing..."

    Shit, I better stop before I get run off this board. I love hobbyists and closet grows, just pointing out to ya the realities.

    It's important that you and I and others that feel strongly about mj, keep the strains straight and try to grow the best representation of each. And continue to help each other.
  10. bigtopsfinn

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    I guess if Autoflower strains had a place anywhere, it would be outdoors up here in Finland. We get a good amount of sunlight during the summer days, but the nights are still very cool in the spring and fall, making it difficult to grow outdoors. One day I might try it here, and maybe with an autoflowering strain :)

    But otherwise... total waste. My friend grew one LowRyder 2 indoors, smoked it all with his friends in a couple days :(
  11. oldmac

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    Hello bigtopsfinn,

    I think your best bet with such a short outdoor grow season would be to start indoors, and then transplant outside.

    Your right that those lowryders don't produce much, but they are such small plants. Dutch Passion has just introduced 2 new auto flower strains and they seem to be larger and more prolific. I'm thinking about using some as "field crop" to do a grow. Take advantage of thier stealth, so short it doesn't look like marijuanna, and finish up before bad guys are out looking to rip off people's grows.
  12. bigtopsfinn

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    Hey there, OldMac:jointsmile:

    Yeah that's always an option to start inside... but would kind of defeat the purpose in my case. The laws here are so that 6 plants receives only a fine... and I wouldn't want to be caught at my house with 20 something tiny ass plants that produce the same as 6 normal plants could. But, it was just a thought. No plans in the near future.

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