CLONING--- how long to keep lights on?? 24/7? 18/6

Discussion in 'Advanced Techniques' started by kuri, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. kuri

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    hi i was wondering when i start cloning, how long to i keep the lights on? 24/7? 18/6? thanks for any advice. take care
  2. altwnyguy73

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    I have read in hightimes Q&A that plants will not photosynthisize more than 18 hrs a day... I have also heard from local experienced growers that by keeping the lights on 22-24 hrs a day you prevent stretch(distance between nodes or leafsets)...that said... I personnally go 20 on 4 off...for no other good reason than to give time for the lights to coo and give em a break..... about all I got...peace
  3. shaddr3

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    I leave my fluoros on all the time (6 total). MY other mercury vapor light is on a 18/6 schedule.
  4. del...

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    my schedule for rooting clones, 24/0
    vegging, 20/4
    flowering, 12/12
  5. magicman

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    hi .. i like clones at 18/6 limits streatching which happens as soon as they hit
    regular air and light.....( this can also be stopped using a b 12 solution with a very dilluted BUd solution 1/2 strength )
    always imhop.. keeps....

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  6. Zcomp

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    Every drop of light your clone recieves, it must process it. That means sucking water/nutes through its stump. For more success you should go to 16-18Hrs light.
    More light = less leftover energy for root formation.

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