Cloning Machine Type & Nuts?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by bullisok, Oct 20, 2010.

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    OK so this is my first Post. I would like to know what everyone is using for nuts in there Cloning Machine and at what strength... Also include type of machine ( Home built or Brand ) and size.

    Of course if you are just using water then state so...

    Thanks for the info...:Rasta:
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    Welcome to the site Bull.

    I have me a little DWC bubbler dome that I built two days ago LOL and this is my second attempt at cloning. The first didnt go so well.

    Im using a gallon of water ph'd down to 6.5 with four drops FF Big Bloom.

    Of course' the root hormone I dipped the clones in is bound to be in the water too by now...
  3. bullisok

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    Just a quick note: My first attempt I used about 25% Grow nuts AN Sensi couple drops of SuperThrive PH 6.5. Took about 2`1/2 weeks to really get a vey good bunch of roots. Worked really well with loosing 2 out of 30.

    I am now trying No Nuts just tap water. PH 6.5 Finding it hard to not at least put in a few drops of SuperThrive.

    Read a post from a Vet Grower who says keep it simple and gave reasons why and sounded good? But like lots of sites not sure what to believe...
  4. Slevinkal

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    True. I've read that a lot of peeps just slap some plant wrap on a dixie cup full of plain water. Seems to work for them. I think that is about as simple as it gets.

    I basically used the DWC dome for two reasons: one, my first attempt using soil was a wash. Only one of six lived. Two, as soon as these clones get ready I'll switch them and my three vegging plants into flower, I wanna see how small clones grow in a small DWC too. My next grow will prob be a DWC/Scrogg combo if all goes well.
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    Well, my friends, I've had problems over the last 8 yrs of growing in regards to cloning... I've done everything wrong you could possibly do.

    The most important is NO nutes, NONE.
    PH of the water 5.5 to 6.0
    Temperature 75-80F (in the winter time...use a heating pad with thermostat)
    Keep humidity at around 80% first two days then back down to 55-65%

    Try to compare the place you cut your clone from as a wound, such as if you lost a finger on your hand. Any chemical you put on that would will burn it. So, before you can do any kind of nutes you have to have some roots established.

    If you follow these instructions I guarantee you will have more clones than you can use.

  6. Slevinkal

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    what kind of guarantee we talkin here?

    :D LOL

    Keylime, how long you leave the dome on? I'm not threadjacking here, I just think it's logical info for the matter at hand.
  7. keylime

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    Two things about a dome that I have done wrong in the past. Left them under the dome too long, and I have suffocated them. The worst is of course cutting the air supply off, or suffocating them using the dome... they still have to breathe even under the dome... People say you gotta keep up the humidity. So I made sure the dome was tightly sealed, and I could see the humidity running down the inside of the dome, and thought that was great. Well it's not. Within a week, the clones' stem just collapsed and they died. So then I decided to find out how much humidity was inside that dome. I put a meter inside and a few minutes later it showed 99%. So I am living proof that you can suffocate and make their stems collapse within a week!
    You should keep the dome on there 48 hrs, oh, you can keep the dome on there for another day that won't kill it, sometimes I lift one end up about 4 or 5 inches to slowly get the girls used to their environment, but that's not really necessary. ... Temp 80F, humidity 80%, with proper ph'd water, no nutes in the water. You can use rooting gel or rooting powder, but that's it. Nothing else. Like I said guaranteed!

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  8. Slevinkal

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    ya! i did that too :D
  9. SmokeMyPiece

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    A humidity dome should be vented; couple holes will do. It will still condensate, but also release old air.
  10. Slevinkal

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    Mine is. It has a 1/2" hole up towards the top on each end. After I spray a little water in there I set the lid back on and breath into the hole to add a bit of co2, may not do much but what the....
  11. SmokeMyPiece

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    Sounds good Slev.

    Was really replying to:

  12. tinytoon

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    Water: 6.0
    Nutes: None just a drop or 2 of ST per gal
    Light: couple of 23 watt CFL's ...... depends how many I'm doing
    Temp: 75-79
    Humidity: >50%
    Additives: Best results- Root tech cloning gel- dip clones in
    Worst results- Olivia's cloning solution
    Best and worst results are gauged upon time to root and % rooted
    System: DIY Aerotype ($50 version of an EZ Cloner :) )
    Anything else just ask. 6.5 PH is way high for cloning. Nutes just burn without roots. IMHO system, light, water and additives are about 30-40% of cloning. Most important part is taking clones correctly off the doner so they even have a chance in the first place.

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