Cloning problems: Wilting

Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by stangle12, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. stangle12

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    So i took some clones of a half-healthy plant (its stem and shoots are half red....i've been treating this with nutes) Anyway, i took four clones from four 4" long chutes. They are all wilting pretty bad....but still looking green. Its been more then 24 hours since i cut them.

    What did i do wrong? can i help them?

    Ps only the tops and first and second leaves remain.
  2. PharmaCan

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    I put my cuttings in a tray with a dome and mist them at least twice per day. My mother plants grow really big really fast and sometimes I have cuttings that are too big for the tray and dome. When that happen, I put the cutting straight into coco and mist it frequently throughout the day. Everything goes inside a big clone box that stays around 85F - 90F and high humidity. I mist the plants with a weak Clonex solution.

    If you don't have a dome ($2.50 @ the hydro store) then mist your girls frequently.

    PC :smokin:
  3. rainbows.rsexy

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    that sounds sweeeet
  4. stangle12

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    i dont have a 'dome' but i use half 2litre bottles. im doing everything i should be. they're just wilting. ill give it a couple more days and see whats what
  5. stangle12

    stangle12 Registered+

    Okay, so after three days they bounced back very nicely, especially after a weak flowering nutrient solution.

    Two clones DID crap out however. I needed 3, so i took one more...which has also wilted. Oh well, crossing fingers again.
  6. stangle12

    stangle12 Registered+

    They're wilting again. I think its heat stress. i have a smaller light that would probably keep better temperature regulations: a 26w 6500k flourescent. can i just put them under that so that they wont get so HOT?
  7. .:Karma:. o.O

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    people are smart...woah and yea i also have 1 clone haha but should i keep it under 24 light kuzz it wilted a bit too...nd ill also put it under a 2 liter like u doo hope fully itll help...
  8. deftdrummer

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    stangle12 your newly cut clones are going to wilt for the first 48-72 hours. It is a naturally occurring process. Your clones are trying to pull sugar and water from any place they can get it, so in most cases that would be the rooting hormone. When the wilting has gone away that is when your new cuttings are getting roots established.
  9. .:Karma:. o.O

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    ok i guess ill just doo my own thing and go ahead and put my clone under a lil bench with 2 15 watt flouros and keep it 24 hours of light...good or no...???
  10. MajMike

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    No nutrients yet . . .

    Until your clones are decently rooted you should use plain water on them, almost any strength nutrient solution will be enough to burn them in the beginning.

    Clones will always wilt some, almost every time I've had problems though it's because I watered them to death, so be careful there.
  11. .:Karma:. o.O

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    majmike...i just started a clone and i water it very little in the day maybe 2 times a day and it looks great nice nd perky should i water more less or stay the same???

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