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Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by sanford's son, Oct 13, 2016.

  1. sanford's son

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    Hi, I have a medical marijuana license and I am trying not to have to get clones from anyone else and just keep my own clones so when i harvest I have clones to put back in my room. Problem is I have tried to clone with the humidity doom and have not had much success.

    I bought a cheap cloner off Ebay it has 21 sites. I have cloning gel but I don't have any cloning solution to put in the reservoir for the mister. My question is can I just use cloning gel on my cuttings and just water in the reservoir when using my cloner? thanks
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    I only ever use water in my aeroncloner. Actually I run R/O but a mentor of mine suggests using rain water. I've run well water but found it too high in minerals.
  3. sanford's son

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    Thank you for the help.
  4. sanford's son

    sanford's son Registered+

    BTW do you use a humidity cover? This cloner did not come with one but I can get one if it seems to be needed. thanks
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  6. redtails

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    No it doesn't need a dome with the roots being sprayed down all the time
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  7. sanford's son

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    Thanks for the help
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    I just use half a two-liter as a humidity dome
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    Cloning with cloning cubes with a covered dome is more challenging.
    Cloning with a aerocloner offers consistent babysitting to your clones, but can have problems if not done right.

    Temperature is important, for both methods. Aerocloning will be slower at cooler temperatures. Clones in cloning cubes will root faster if a heating pad is put underneath the trays. But you have to watch for them getting too hot as well. My heating pads tended to run too warm, so I had to get a thermostat to control the heating pad. Why can't they just make one unit that does all, LOL?

    An aerocloner keeps the clone stalk and roots perfectly moist, so that the upper leaves can be in open air, and not subject to mold. And oxygen to the roots is the bonus too. At optimum water and air temperatures, you get perfect clones every time.

    With cloning cubes, you're going to be subject to the need to 'harden off' the clones once rooted, because pulling off the dome without doing so will likely cause clones to immediately wilt, and you'll have losses. With cubes, if they get too dry, they'll wilt. When you first cut and insert into cubes, you'll need to mist inside the dome for a few days to avoid wilting. The clone, as it is trying to develop roots in a small cube, get's used to the humidity you're providing in the dome, which is why, when you remove the dome, they wilt. And sometimes, all that humidity you keep inside the dome, can lead to stem rot. Different varieties seem to have difference hardiness... e.g. Blue Dream and Bubba Kush could take a lot of abuse, but not some of the very desired other varieties.

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