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    I am having problems with my Ez clone. I can't seem to make the plants live through the ez cloner. I trimed it at a 45 degree angle and i dipped it in the super thrive for 30 sec. only 2 out of 30 neprene I planted barely survived.

    P.S. My water is at a set temp. of 75 and my pH level is at 6.3
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    dont deal with all those expensive cloners ...'
    i just cut my tips dipped them in hormone powder sit them in a cup of ph'd water clones for me 100% effective
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    is it with just water or also soil?
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    Hi Randi here. with the Greenthumb Collective and delivery service.You are making to much out of a simple operation.Go to your local Walmart.Buy one of there 72 plug green trays $6.00.then go to your local hydroponics store and pick up some Rootech Gel $15.99. Take your cutting using the 45 degree angle tech,take it next to a mature leaf scrape the part to diped with a razor blade DIP AND STICK the cutting about half way into the plug.Spay the inside of the lid with a mist spayer,and cover.Now put a floresent light with some grow bulbsover it. do not remove the lid for 72 hours. ,and keep the light on for 72 hours.After the third day you can give them some fresh air.Watch them carefully for the fist couple of hours.If they start to wilt ,spay the top again and cover for 2 more days.But technicley after 72 hour in the green house they shoud be out in open air.About 5 to 10 days later the roots will come out .transplant immedletly.I have done over fifty clones for my club this season and Ihad not lost even
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    NNNOOOOOOOOOO!! Whatever you do don't get rid of or stop using you EZ-CLONER! I can't believe you aren't having success with it. Its usually pretty dead on 100% with the people that I have spoken with. I personally made my own bubbled with 2 6'' bubbler stones and the 3 watt air pumps. Its only the second time I've used it but sop far 100%.NO superthrive is necessary. Especially dipping it in for 30 seconds. I drop 5 drops of superthrive in my bubbler because it has 5 gallons of ph'd water at 6.1-6.3. Try nut dipping them in the superthrive and give it a shot. What is the temp of the actual clones? The temp you have for the water is pretty solid but I've heard optimum is 78f with the clone temp around 74. PPLLLEEASSEEE give the ez cloner another chance without the superthrive. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:those things are the shit:D
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    ya ok lets spend all that money for a ez-clone and sell it cuz the guys on the web said. ya dont do it. for coops or people who are selling clone, they need them in some kind of a plug and also a easy way to mass produce to sell them. ez-clone or a home built one for 50 bucks or so. imo aeroponics is the best way to clone. no dome, i didnt get any yellowing and i had very nice growth on the clones, no wilting, they always look good. Just run ro ph water ph at 5.5 or so. i know that ez-clone recomends 6.3 or so, but i run at 5.5 with 100% rooting, like i said no yellowing or droop at all. keep trying you will get it. also i know the ez-clone have problems getting the water to hot, you water it at about 75-80f also dont dip them at all, cut at 45 trim all the lower stuff and stick it in. pics are from a homemade cloner have sence made a better one but never had a cut die. roots after 8 days

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    Cloning should be really easy. I have seen 3 people do it differently and all are successful. I just started cloning this year and it is really going surprisingly well. I will need to get rid of some excess clones soon.

    My friend uses cheap ass Rootone powder. He cuts the cutting cuts off the lower leaves and branches of each cutting. Then dips the stem in water then the powder. He makes a little hole in dirt and sticks it in.

    Another guy does basically the same but uses the rock wool cubes. He makes a little hole with a stick and sticks the cutting in.

    I use the Clonex Gel and the rockwool that is already in little squares with little holes. I just cut, shave a little of the skin off (maybe 1/4 to1/2 inch) depending on how big the cutting is. I make a little slit in the end of the cutting then dip it in the gel and stuff it in a pre soaked rock wool cube hole.

    I soak with Clonex rooting solution mixed with the proper amount of water then pour all the water off so the cubes are completely soaked but there is no water in the tray underneath. When more water is needed I water the same way by soaking then pouring off the excess.

    I use 25W flouride lights 24/7 when starting new clones. As soon as I see any roots on the bottom or sides of the cubes I put them in Happy Frog.

    I am sure there are other products that work as well but I had heard of Clonex brand. I don't have 100% success but at least 95 % work.
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    i dont know where it is now, but i posted a whole post how how to very simply clone, and it even included some of the old tricks we use.
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    Thanks Shasta Co. I will look for that thread. I could probably use some tips.
  10. ShastaCoMan

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    it is in the northern ca section here somewere

    also, dont go buy a high $$$ cloning machine. they are so easy to make it is pitiful...ive built several of them...heres what i just paid for parts

    from greentree hydroponics
    50 x 2" Net Cup @ $0.16 ea. = $8.00
    3 x 2 Inch Net Pot Lid - Bag of 10 @ $3.00 ea. = $9.00
    1 x Pump Active Aqua 250 Gallons per hour @ $14.97 ea. = $14.97
    30 x American Agritech 2 Inch Neoprene Insert @ $0.58 ea. = $17.40
    (keep in mind, i bought more stuff than i needed as i like to keep extras,plus im gona build another unit)

    1 tote (holds 24 2" root cups) $19.99 (could ha ve gotten one cheaper but i liked the camo ones ..i bought to cause im gonna make another one also)

    1 5ft piece 1/2" PVC-$2.25
    assorted elbows,tees,ect $2.00
    1 bag (10pc) rainbird 360 degree rotating sprayers ( look like miniature sprnklers) $6.00
    1 el-cheapo aquarium heater $6.99

    plus, everything i got is the premium stuff, didnt short cut with cheapo crap, so ive got about $70 bucks +/- in a NICE cloning machine that will last for years.

    point is, you can build one for about 1/3 of what it would cost to buy one of the premade ones.

    personally, i prefer the sprayer setup myself over the air pump setup, but ive got one of each and they both work great.
    also, DONT waste your money on those so-called "cloning solutions". there are hundreds of products out there that will do the exact same thing. as an example, i use a product called "root and grow" thats available from do it best hardware. it has damn near the same amounts of nutes in it, and works exactly the much?..i buy it here local for $3.99 a bottle. on the same note though, ive cloned using this solution, cloning solution and nothing but plan old water, and they all root about the same amount of time..hell, ive rooted cuttings in 4 days in just a plain old vase full of water sittng on a window sil
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  12. whenwethc

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    just plain old water
  13. whenwethc

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    i still go with my method i spend only the cost of the root hormone and the cup of water i put the in

    20cups x$1.00=
    and i can make clones till i run out of cups and powder!!!!
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    DeSypher you didn't mention your lighting cycle. Someone posting mentioned 24/7 flouro's.
  15. rudy2010

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    I think that was me that posted the 24/7 on the new clones. I am definitely not the expert. This is my first year cloning but I am having great success. I also have very cheapy stuff. My large box approx 3x3x5 used to be a cabinet at some business and they were tossing it. I added a little paneling on the sides, 4 double 4 foot flourides wired onto a piece of wood, chains and nails to move the lights up and down via little holes in the top and the most technical thing is two muffin fans. One on each side with one blowing in and the other blowing out. A very minimal investment.

    I just moved most of my clone mothers out of the big box and threw them under a flood light with a timer so they have just 7 hours of dark.

    My little box 14" x 12" x 4' with one 4 foot double flouride is where I have been starting my clones.

    In my big box I run 18/6, in the little box I run 24 hrs 7 days a week with one 25 W flouride.

    I have about 95% success rate. Hope this helps.
  16. ShastaCoMan

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    yep, they will root that way, ive done it like that myself.i like the cloning machine setup though as instead of taking a week to 10 days, ive had roots on my cuttings in as little as 3-4 days, and planted in 6-7 vegging. ive rooted many a cutting in a glass/vase of water on the sil behind the kitchen sink!
  17. rudy2010

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    Mine take way longer. Like two weeks before I see roots coming out of the cubes. I will view the details of your suggestion to see if I can speed up my process and success rate. Once I go to dirt they always survive as long as they get watered. I use nutes in the water of course.
  18. ShastaCoMan

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    i plant my clones right in miracle grow potting soil. they go absolutely nutz.
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    Ez Clone

    I recently have a problem with my Ez clone. I have algae build up or calcium build up, I don't really know. The top cover leaks out a little water, I think thats the main reason why but i don't know. Can someone help a newbie in distress!!!
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    Just a dip...

    into the clone hormone ... then into grow medium. Just make sure you are properly documented.:hippy:

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