closet grow/ possible with no ventilation?

Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by skin_zilla, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. skin_zilla

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    ive succesfully grown with cfls in a closet before, but id like to upgrade to a 400watt or so, hps light. do any of you guys think that a closet with plastic on the walls, could withstand a 400w hps without ventilation? ( i would be opening the door for fresh air every hour or two, and have fans running inside ofcourse)

    i'd be happy for any feedback or advice:smokin:
  2. Deejay2163

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    It would be quite a feat to pull off a closet HID grow without proper ventilation.I waon't say that it can't be done but you'd have to have some pretty extraordinary circumstances to pull that off.
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  3. skin_zilla

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    yea ive thought about putting a hole in the ceiling, how powerful do u think the fan would have to be for about 800 watts hps in a closet?
  4. skin_zilla

    skin_zilla Registered

    owait i guess 800watts would be a little much for an isolated space about 5' by 2' , i dont know too much about spacing with lights
  5. Deejay2163

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    i wouldn't think any less than 150 cfms but there's a lot of factors to consider, such as where the incoming air will be coming from and where the outgoing air is may take even more ,i'm just not sure. i have a 4x3 grow cabinet and i put a 50 cfm bathroom fan in it venting to the outside of my outdoor's been more than adequate so far and i put it on a rheostat (dimmer) so i could fine tune it for the ambient temp and sound.I will be upgrading in the next week or two to a 400 watt HPS myself and i may very well find that a 50 cfm exhaust is not nearly enough. my only saving grace if there is one is that my grow is not inside my home and in an outdoor storage shed which is uninsulated.that makes it even trickier but we'll see.the more control you have over the environment ,the better your crop will likely be. hope this helps.happy growing!!...Dee
  6. harris7

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    i think you could do it with the 800watt and fan. but you'll need cool tube. then all the heat is Zip right out of the room. And you probaly wouldn't need anything ilke 150 cfms. a buddy of mine did it with a 400w MH with a shitty fan from the thrift store
  7. BlueBear

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    In a closet that small? With 800w, you probably would want a 400 plus Dayton, or hydro Farm, but if you could get a good fan like a vortex, then a 200 plus might do the job, but never the less, to underestamate the heat is the worst pain in the a// that you want.
  8. skin_zilla

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    thx for the advice guys, i think i might invest in a cool tube on a 400w hps,

    but how much could i expect to yield?? with a 400w, about 80 cubic ft space, some basic advanced nutrients, proper airflow and some tlc

    is it worth the money spent:confused:
  9. jamstigator

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    The so-called 'Holy Grail' of growing is 0.5 grams per watt per month, or 1.0 grams per watt per crop. Some people even exceed this (search for Tranoble's sealed room thread for an example), but it's rare. So, theoretically you could yield 400 grams, if everything goes right and conditions are optimal. In practice, aim for half of that, be happy if you achieve that, and consider anything beyond that a bonus. That way, if you don't hit the holy grail (I never have), then you won't be as apt to be disappointed.

    And obviously, yield depends on a lot more than just the lighting. Ventilation, temps, grow medium, nutrients, strain, number of plants, veg time, how they are trained and grown, pot size, humidity, pest problems (or lack of same), and so on, they all influence yield to one degree or another.
  10. babystarbud

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    you should really consider a fan, theres a lot to be said for moving air through the grow room, so a fan does two jobs really...provides fresh air and controlls temps.

    deffinatly money well spent :)

    on my first grow i got about 1 dry ounce per plant(6 plants) with a 400whps, and thats with beginners mistakes like bad soil, irregular watering etc.
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  11. Mr T

    Mr T Registered go with the fans..intake and out take. if u keep the doors closed this reduces pests etc...try to prepare ur self so that everything runs smootly when it all up and running. the last thing i would want is to mess things up when im in the groove...ha ha ha. i think i go with babystarbud advise. hope all goes well.
  12. oturbojoeo4o

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    you def need some form of vent...more for the heat....but just think when there is no ventilation...NO CO2! so you plants choke when they use it all up and dont have anything to replace it

    a good fan will replace the air in the whole cab 3 times a minute or 1 time very 3 minutes, i cant remeber off hand
  13. invision

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    with that much light i wouldnt go anything less than a 465CFM fan id even go higher just to make sure you can never have enough exhaust power
  14. jamstigator

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    Closet grows with little ventilation can be done; I'm doing it now myself with a plant I couldn't bear to kill...but it's a beotch, so I spent some moolah on a grow tent and a real light and fan and stuff, because dealing with this closet is irritating me no end. I've got around 520 watts (real watts) of CFLs in a tiny-ass closet, using a $20 box fan for cooling, with the door a third open. It's working. I could probably get it all the way through flowering this way, but it's just too much of a pain in the ass, and it's pissing me off. Mainly, the plant in there is getting too big for the closet (it's 46" tall now, counting the pot), after a week in flowering (so it's going to grow quite a bit more).
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  15. Cannabinoise

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    Hey man. Closets jus tend to get stuffy n really hold air in. If you could air out as much as possible. You can MAYBE withstand a 150w HPS among 2 big 86w CFLs. I'll tell ya, even growing with jus CFLs in a stuffy 2nd floor closet in a humid environment, w jus 2 fans n open door. They grew. But it def subbed growth/effected yield. You need fresh air exchange!! Constantly. I mean they grow. OUT DOORS. LOL. So id say especially putting an HID w absolutely no in/out. You run a high risk of cooking your plants. N maybe your house! Have to call those friendly Firemen. N explain your asparagus went to up! Lol. Invest in a cheap in/out system. (I'm assuming u find an adequate one for like 80-140$$?? I never bought a unit. Flower w like 250w HPS n CFLs if ya fancy. N it will pay for itself first grow w a superior yield.. Or jus put ONE in a huge pot in ur backyard among the foliage, starting anytime mid March. In Southern north america One pruned n tied girl in well-fed soil in good conditions will jus be enormous outdoors given the root room..n proper lst'ng. Happy season. :)
  16. gardenermendo

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    Think safety!

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