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    I am new to growing indoor and i have a family that doesnt need to know what im doing !! My budget is low but i already have hps 600w light like u see in street lights. i have a couple diffrent options for space 1 is a 5ft wide 3ft deep 8ft high closet with sliding doors or i can build a cabinet close to same size, my greatest fear is my sister smelling it and tellin everyone she knows so what would b my best bet and can u show me pics as i am a visual learner?
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    Go to a hydro store and buy 1 bag of Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil. Plant a seed in a plastic beer cup. Puncture a few drain holes in the bottom first. As a new grower there's a lot to learn. I say start the seed now as you'll need time for it to get going and you have a lot of studying to do before you start. Get a couple cheap CFL bulbs from Lowes rated at around 4000 kelvin. After it sprouts give it at least 16 hours of light daily.When it 6 to 8 inches tall transplant to a 1 gallon pot.
    That should get you going till you get studying.

    Go to youtube and watch setting up a grow room. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. Airflow, temperatures, humidity smell control etc. If your growing at home, the electric bill is gonna rise noticeably with that 600. Read about CFLs and LED's. Watching a video may not be exactly how you set yours up but will give you an idea of what your gonna need to do.

    READ READ READ ON THIS FORUM. Read a ton before asking a million questions. Go to indoor growing to start. You'll find from your reading you can answer some of them yourself and wont need to ask. We are here and will help you but you need to put a bit of effort and realize visual is only half the game.......The search box is your friend here......
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