CO2 and air conditioning

Discussion in 'Growroom Setup' started by Macey, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Macey

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    When using a sealed room many people use a portable air conditioning unit so the room does'nt lose any of the co2 enriched air....This seems the way to go as if using exhaust fans you will suck all the co2 out of the room but my question is this.

    All the portable air conditioners i have seen working take the heat out of the air and exhaust the hot air out of the room via a pipe but keep the cooled air inside....Is this not the same as using an exhaust fan?
  2. JackdaWack

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    ok an air conditioner is exactly like a dehimidifier except they opperate fans differently. by the motions of chemisty an airconditioner has a compressor which gets hotter then hell. but on the other end when ur freon(not sure of spell) is expands its gets cold. its the process of filtering out the cool from hot. an airconditioner will suck air in (from the inside) and blow it out cold inside. and will suck air in out side and blow it back out to cool the compressor. this is why ur airconditioner hangs out ur window. if u have cetral air, then u know there are still 2 parts to the system, one out side one inside. a dehimidifier is the same thing but all the air is mixed together so the room doesnt get colder or hotter. hope it helps, alot of moisture builds up to around these things becasue ur cooling the air. So if u can find a workable system using duckting for the hot air it can work ur gonna need a catch dish for water to, this in theory should drop ur humididty too.
  3. JackdaWack

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    im sorry i misread ur question. but its good info. ur gonna have to check with whom ever makes which a/c, i was thinking about this a couple months ago. there might be a special vent for the air which u can rig up another duct from outside so u dont loose ur air inside. so it cycles air from out to cool the compressor and then back out.
  4. akornpatch

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    Great info the condensation water has MJ "scent" in it...make sure to plan for that.
  5. Macey

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    Been thinking about how to rig an intake hole in the grow room with a pipe going to the air conditioner but with the intake so big on the unit so it will be difficult.

    I know it's not perfect but how about getting a bigger intake fan instead of an air conditioner but leave a leave a slight opening in the top of the grow room for the hot air to escape......With co2 being heavier than air most of it would be kept in the room...Like i said it's not ideal but would it work?
  6. JackdaWack

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    With out proper ventilation its gonna get hot and all the air ur pushin in pushes out ur hot Air+CO2,because of the air circulation ur co2 should stay relitively mixed within the air. i know u can run more co2 when the temp is just under 90 and higher. ive seen an air conditioner rigged to work so the room recycles the air. i guess u just need to be prepared for what ur working with. i dont think it should be that difficult nothing some duct tape and fittings cant fixup.
  7. mistyganjatree

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    yep ya right
    aircon give of masses of heat,
    the thing to do is to have sealed unit cool tube or other air cooled hood for lights, this is in a cirdiut that collects air from outside sucks it hthrew the pipes over the lamp and back out side,, this gives cooled lights without smell escapoing or humidity!, then the aicon blows in cool "dry air to cool the roon, oscilating fans then circulate the air within the room, additional heat extracor and filter fitted without light is turned off during the period of co2 injection and starts when the thermostat needs to run it!, this way oyu maintain a cool co2 rich enviroment!

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