CO2 and flowering

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by luciferstixd, May 26, 2004.

  1. luciferstixd

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    I am 2 weeks into flowering and I am still using CO2! Will this help or hinderd flowering?
  2. Tech

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    Of coarse it will help .
    You increase yeald imensly using Co2 .
    Don,t use too much ,at normal atmosphere you have 300 ppm of Co2 you need to up it to as close to 1500 ppm as possable .
    I take it that you know how to work it out as you bin using it b4 and you have a timed solanoid on your bottle yes?
  3. ace242

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    I never knew u needed CO2 why can't u just breath onto the plants? or talk to it? it'll help I think... :D
  4. Tech

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    Get a bit bit tiersom talking and breathing all over your plants all day long wouldn,t it. :)
  5. Hand of Man

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    Try dissolving yeast in warm water and adding sugar to allow the yeast to live.
    The yeast will give off CO2, but your growroom will smell a little like a bakery
    (or a brewery...). This can also attract insects.
    I tried it for about a week and noticed little difference; I couldn't figure out
    how to keep the insects from being attracted. Any brewers out there
    have any ideas?

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