co2 generator?????????????????????

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by thedirtysouth, Mar 8, 2006.

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    Does anyone know any info on home made co2 generators natural gas prefered:cool:
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    CO2 Hookup...

    THE CO2 RECIPE!!!~ (Courtesy Da1KrayzieThug) 1 tsp yeast, 2 cups sugar, WARM water... Dissolve 1 tsp of yeast in a seperate bowl with about 1 cup of WARM water, NOT COLD. Add 2 cups of sugar to a 2-liter bottle, fill WARM water up to the Label add the dissolved yeast and close it up... Reference the plastic tubing setup from my previous pics. GOOD LUCK!!! :thumbsup:

    Reference the 1st page of my Grow Log for more depth and pics of how to set it up... hope i could help...

    Stay UP :Rasta:
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    unless you have a house full of plants you get enuff co2 from the atmosphere
  4. Zandor

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    The air will hold about 300-ppm period. Enhanced CO² is of great benefit to the growth of the plant. You can cut down your finish time by as much as 3 weeks if you use enhanced CO² start to finish. The plants will be larger and grow faster. That's why we use it.

    You can buy a generator from eBay from time to time and a good price. Unless you are good with gas or propane products then buy one. The idea behind generators is to burn a pure blue flame. The by-product of the blue flame is CO² so the heat raises and the CO² falls to the ground. You will need a fan to move it around the room and fill the whole grow area with CO².

    Good luck.

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