Co2 overdose

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by skyhigh35, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. skyhigh35

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    Second time using bottled Co2. burned up a 20 pound tank in 48 hours. had it hooked up to a new controller and i think it was running constant while the lights are off for 6 hrs. Plants are in second week of flower.

    What is good recovery method? Only change i have made so far is exhuast fan is running 24/7. Any experience with Co2 burn?
  2. LOC NAR on probation

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    I have never heard of or seen C02 burn. Completely filling the room for exteneded period will help get rid of many pest such as spidermites.

    What has it done to the plants ?
  3. skyhigh35

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    It has pretty much started to kill them. They are dying from the bottom up. Plants are roughly 1 ft tall and the bottom two sets of branches have started to wilt and dry badly. The upper top 2/3 is almost looking water deprived with a lil nute burn. However the soil has plenty moisture and the nutes are right where they should be. I plan to give them a health feeding today and wait for signs of recovery before i get the co2 going again. I dont have a digital controller which is why i am confident that i am dealing with Co2 overdose.
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    lol 20pd tank in 2 days?!? Its almost cool to hear you OD'd your plant on CO2 cuz i've never heard this before haha. But a plant is dying nontheless, sry man. I would be afraid to do Anything at this point including adding more nutes..what would TOO much CO2 do to a plant? Clearly(my guess) it has to come from where the stomata's are on the plant is my guess but what would actually be suffering from too much CO2/too little O2..idk man. Could you maybe find any grow information outside MJ forums about overdose of CO2? Would most likely coorelate to our plants. Hope you find help! PEace
  5. rob25san

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    Sounds to me like the roots couldnt get any oxygen. Try figuring out a way to get them oxygen to start.
  6. the image reaper

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    jibberish :wtf: :D

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