Co2 tank empty in 3 days..

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by CaliJay, Nov 20, 2006.

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    First thing - I am running an auto disperse system. I set the ppm at 1800 and let the thing run. It was empty 3-4 days later. How long should a 20 lb bottle last in a sealed room? I figure it is more than 4 days????

    Second thing - My Co2 monitor gives me a constant readout of current levels. I have read that ambient fresh air is around 300 ppm. My room with no enrichment was 1045 ppm this morn when I went in there!! It varies from 400+ppm to 800+ during the day?????
    Isn't this odd? I have a gas burning central heating unit in the attic. The only thing I can think of is that it may be venting Co2 into the attic and it is making its way down to the living areas.
    It seems quite odd to me though.

    Peace and Love -Jay
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    how big is your room, a 512 cu. ft. room should have a 20lb. co2 tank last 1 - 2 weeks. i would get a secondary co2 testing kit such as this one (i will post) and make shur e your staying in the 1500 to 1800 range. it should only take six min. to get that ppm rating in a room the size i stated above.
    All this info was what the local hydroponic store told me so i could be wrong. i am setting up co2 in a couple days~
    good luck!

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    Thanks for the reply SC hope you are doin well bro..

    I can actually just plug my unit into a socket in any room I want to test and it will give me digital readout. You must be talking about checking the calibration on my equiptment. That is a good idea SC. Will do.

    My room is 930 sqft but that wouldn't matter too much if the room were sealed. The only difference would be when I recharge the room at lights on.
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    if you can fill your room and it is well sealed then you should be able to turn your co2 off or lower the output after 10 min. or so.
    Check out the co2 thread i started.

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