co2boost does it work

Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by bluntman2006, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. bluntman2006

    bluntman2006 Registered+

    have anyone heard and used this product called co2boost and can u use it in like a box or cabinet grow and those who dont know of the product here the link to it
  2. Mnoutdoorz

    Mnoutdoorz Registered+

    I've also been curious about this. In other threads about it most people say it's still cheaper to just get an actual c02 set up. But I'd still like to know how well they work.
  3. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    From what I understand yes it does work and is cheeper then buying gas CO². You can't regulate it but that is fine.
  4. Jdog7000

    Jdog7000 Registered+

    I used it.
    It kicks butt if thats all you can afford.
    I would use it again.
    But if you can afford a generator or a tank it's alot more efficiant.
  5. jamstigator

    jamstigator Registered+

    If you're dealing, looks like it could be worth it. If you're not dealing, the extra $100/crop doesn't seem worth it to me. Your mileage may vary, of course.
  6. Zandor

    Zandor Registered+

    So in your opinion only dealers can grow large, heavy, quality buds?

    Enhanced CO² can reduce the flower time by weeks and grow quality large buds. What's wrong with that?

    Why would you not want to increas your personal yield?

    just wondering?
  7. jamstigator

    jamstigator Registered+

    Because my personal yield, without spending $100/crop, is enough that one crop lasts me a year. If I spent that extra hundred bucks maybe it'd last me 14 months or something, but that wouldn't help me much. Winter is the best time for me to grow out a crop (because the heat is easier to deal with), so a crop a year is perfect for me. If CO2 would allow me to grow TWO years worth, that'd be worth it to me, but I am verging on a gram/watt now, and I don't believe that I will ever be able to double that, no matter what I do or how much I spend.

    I have never heard that CO2 affects the amount of time until the trichomes are ripe; it just makes somewhat larger buds, but they take just as long to ripen.

    And I never said only dealers can grow large, heavy, quality buds. I grow large, heavy, quality buds myself, and never sell anything. I merely said that $100/crop isn't necessarily worthwhile, and especially if you aren't making money off it. If your needs are 100 percent taken care of ALREADY, without the extra hassle and cost of CO2, then spending that extra hundred bucks a crop gains you nothing except a lighter wallet.

    I also don't really want more than a years worth at a time; pot only keeps so long, and slowly loses potency over time. Even if I could harvest two years worth at a time, I wouldn't want to. And should I ever be busted, having less than a pound around probably looks at least a little better than having 2+ pounds around. (A pound lasts about a year for me.)
  8. hydrohut25

    hydrohut25 Registered+

    CO2 Tank vs. CO@ Boost Bucket

    Have been reading the posts on here for a while. Just signed up so I could help out. First post ... I have the Hydrofarm CO@ Regulator/timer and a 20lbs tank. I have not seen anyone post this yet, but from my learnings, you turn the gas on for 15 min every hour when light is on. Reg. set at 1500ppm. However, the tank only lasts approx. 7 days. Around here you get a re-fill for $20-$25. If you average 3 months for a complete harvest from seed to end, you will need 12 - 13 re-fills (that math is taking only having lights on 12 hours) = $286.00 minimum for co2 from a 2o lbs tank. for one harvest not including the purchasing of the meter and tank.

    The Boost Bucket says it will last for approx. 90 days with a timer. Costs $125.00 for bucket and timer.
    $100/per grow thereafter

    It is much cheaper. I plan on buying one as soon as I sell my regulator.

    I am searching for some reviews on the Boost Bucket. Anyone who has used it or heard someone using it, would love to hear some results.
  9. bejay

    bejay Registered+

    im sure it produces some co2 and may be of some benefit to your plants but it probably isnt increasing the levels by that much so not sure I would even compare it to a tank setup how long a tank last really depends on room size and ventilation timing but 7 days isnt very long and you could cut cost by only using it during flowering not sure it would be worth using in veg.
    jamstigator its my understanding co2 can double your yield in a properly set up room so it might be worth it for alot of people but obviously you are satisfied with your yield already would imagine just positioning your light correctly in your cab would probably help out some.
  10. hydrohut25

    hydrohut25 Registered+

    I just got back from a hydro store in my area and the guy showed me a Co2 Boost Bucket inside a 4 x4 hydrohut with a Co2 meter inside. The meter was reading 1100ppm. I am sold. Soon as I sell my regulator I will be picking one up. Also, just for conversation, I just made the switch from the Megafarm to the Waterfarm with 4 modules. Has anyone made this same switch? I guess I should make that ? a new post huh?

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