coco outdoors?

Discussion in 'Growing Information' started by smoke_and_fly, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. smoke_and_fly

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    can it be done with ease?
    what are the differences of growing in soil compared to growing in coco?does it make the buds denser
    and finally whats the best coco mix for growing outdoors
  2. smoke_and_fly

    smoke_and_fly Registered+

    i know it can be done but im looking for tips on simplfying the process
    what are the best coco mediums i have heard coco fibre and perlite 80/20 is the best mix for outdoor i will be growing in the bush and dont want to water it more than once every day so any ideas on keeping moisture in the medium?
    is it true that perlite holds more water than coco fibre?
    i have also heard that i need to add lime to medium? why what ph is the coco?
    what about adding soil to the coco?
    and also what effects will the coco medium have on my buds? denser? stronger?
    help please

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