Coco vs grow-rocks: which is best hydro medium?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by growinit, Dec 6, 2005.

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    Most hydro systems use rocks, but coco seems like it would form a better home for microorganisms for an organic grow. I was checking out a ‘Dutch Bucket’ system, and it came with rocks and coco to use for the medium (presumably mixed together).
    I was thinking of making a DutchBucket-type drip system, using the same 2-gallon pots (buckets); my first impulse was to fill them with coco. Does anyone know what the advantage of grow rocks is over coco? [pH?, less soggy?, ‘the hydro look’?....]
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    Coco is way too wet and will rot your seeds. If you do use coco make sure you squeeze it out before planting seeds.
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    Hi Growinit,

    Check out page 4 of this website, 23 posts down by FamilyGuy. He talks about the benefits of using coir and also the disadvantages.
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    If you use a mix medium just don't water as much, coco holds in water and can cause root rot if you are not careful.
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    I went and copied title to bring here and paste

    here is the thread that you were talking about
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    after reading familyguy's thread...I will stick with my hydroton...sterile grow medium

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