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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Chuck T, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. Chuck T

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    My smokin' partner and i were talking about shit online one night and i was lookin at bongs on and i saw this coconut bong under the bamboo section. I thought it looked pretty good, so i showed my friend. He thought it was cool but said that he would only buy a bong that couldn't be made (by us)...which got me thinking.
    A trip to pier one and to the local grocery store...i had my bamboo and my coconut...
    First i drilled two holes in the coconut, one for the bigger bamboo stick (to pull through) and the other for the stick that attaches to the bowl. then i took the jigsaw and cut off the bottom of the coconut...then i realized there's all that white shit in i got one of dad's flat head screwdrivers and went to work.

    After that was done...I took some beeswax and my lighter, and after awhile the two bamboo sticks were stuck like glue.
    I turned that bit of coconut bottom that i had sawed off before, turned it upside down, and waxed that part to the coconut chamber...

    I still have to make the bowl (I'm whittling one out of some wood or something, that way it can be a perfect fit) but so good.

    I can't wait to show dad and whip out a nice bag (I'm supposed to get a lot this evening...can't wait.) And be like...wanna take a hike?
  2. 50BagOfGreens

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    lol a coconut bong, LOL
  3. RaoulDuke45

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    i had an idea like this a little while back, but not a bong but a coconut bubbler
  4. passit420

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    i bought a coconut a few weeks back with the intention of making a bong. didnt work out.
  5. Fan o KmK

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    dude! post a pic man.
  6. 50BagOfGreens

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    his post is from 2004
  7. Shpongled

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    You should call it CoCoBongo
  8. 50BagOfGreens

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  9. stothelutz

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    AHAHAH it was from 2004 howd it get bumped?
  10. 50BagOfGreens

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    i read it when i was blown and responded

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