Coconut Oil recipe (for 1/4 ounce)

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by drusilla66, Jan 3, 2011.

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    I take Cannabis because I have issues sleeping. I recently quit smoking so i do not want to smoke it anymore. I want to ingest it.

    I have found a few recipes online but they all require a minimum of a 1/2 ounce. I only have a 1/4 ounce to make the oil with. I do not want to make coconut oil so potent that it makes me hallucinate. Someone gave me oil once and it felt like I was tripping on hallucinogenics. That's definitely not the kind of effect I'm searching for right now....

    So, can anyone give me a recipe as to how to make coconut oil with a quarter ounce that might give me the giggles for a bit and then put me to sleep? I have never cooked with Cannabis before so I'm a total novice. Any tips you could offer are appreciated.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    I make coconut oil (or green dragon) with as little as a gram of nug sometimes. You don't need a 1/2 or even 1/4. Using larger amounts is a slight bit more efficient, but that is all.

    Bake some nice nugs at 255F for 30 minutes (this is called decarboxylation).

    Grind nugs very finely.

    Place ground nugs in a glass bowl or mason jar.

    Add enough coconut oil (or butter or high proof alcohol) to completely soak and cover the ground nugs.

    Place glass bowl or mason jar in a fairly shallow saucepan or skillet filled with water. This is called a water bath. You can also use a double-boiler (like for melting chocolate or cheese fondue) as well. This ensures that you don't burn your oil or anything else.

    Heat the saucepan of water on medium until the water is at a slight boil. The amount of heat transferred to the bowl or mason jar should be plenty to melt the oil (or boil the alcohol). Let the oil or alcohol slow cook for a while, stirring often. Usually takes about 30 minutes when using high proof alcohol. Coconut oil or butter extractions take longer. You can strain the oil or alcohol after it is done and has cooled, but I don't usually bother. :thumbsup:

    It is probably best to use the oil as a condiment. But if you decide to cook with it, don't let it get above 325F. I usually use Everclear instead of coconut oil because the extraction is quicker and the effects kick in quicker. But coconut oil might be a bit healthier if you aren't into the whole drinking thing :)

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    when i make cannaoil or canna butter i like to use one gram of bud to one tablespoon of oil or butter. i use it for pain relief, relaxing, and sleeping and it helps. if this isnt strong enough for you, then add more bud next time.
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  4. dylandudeicle

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    How long do you recommend cooking coconut oil for? I've seen how-to's calling for as little as 20 minutes up to a week.
  5. youlookcold

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    decarb 25 to 30 mins @220
    place in freezer till cool to touch
    Cover with soy lecithin and oil
    Cook at 275 for 35 mins remove and place in freezer
    Cook at 275 for 35 mins remove and place in freezer
    Remove when cool to touch

    I use a Pyrex dish covered with foil for all the oven activities
    I recommend using half to 3/4 of a g to start, don't experiment with your entire stash

    PS I don't strain, also chop up your nugs as much as u can
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    I am thinking about using the above recipe.
    Has anyone used one of those mini Crock pots. Would that be a good idea?
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