Code name for weed.

Discussion in 'CANNABIS.COM Lounge' started by JR77, Aug 18, 2006.

  1. JR77

    JR77 Registered+

    There's probably been threads on this...but what does everyone use (if any) as a code name for weed? Me and my friends use "Al" - "Have you seen Al?" "I'm going to see Al"....etc. :Rasta:
  2. FunkyMonkey

    FunkyMonkey Banned

    HI. Yup there have been threads but no worries. The general feeling is that if we all list our 'code words' on a mj board then they are no longer useful as a secret code word. Just like the threads about where you hide your stash.

  3. 420Toaker

    420Toaker Registered+

    no code names either say weed or mary jane.
  4. CBsDankNugs

    CBsDankNugs Registered+

    same here
  5. Big Calhoun

    Big Calhoun Registered+

    "Want to go out and watch 'Friday'"

    Used that in college when the 'inner circle' wanted to smoke without alot of leeches...err, visitors.
  6. JR77

    JR77 Registered+

    I was starting to think I was the only one with a code!
  7. JR77

    JR77 Registered+

    Good point...
  8. benagain

    benagain Registered+

    No codeword, ususally just green, or dank if it's...well...dank.
  9. Ammie

    Ammie Registered+

    got any scooby snacks :D
  10. 420mory

    420mory Registered+

    ....on a mj board! LOL!
  11. dejayou30

    dejayou30 Registered+

    the guy i buy from in town i usually call and just ask if i can score a bag. i use "boots" as a code word with one of my other friends i buy from. its from some movie about these dudes at a gas station and they sell weed out of it and call it goofy boots. so i am always like "i need some boots size 14" and whatever size is how many grams.
  12. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    What the fuck is Al, how does that relate to weed? :p atleast have something that relates to it like "brocolli" or somethin xD.
  13. GhostOfGanja

    GhostOfGanja Registered

    I call it the big sausage but only when talking to this one guy who is paranoid about the feds listening to us... He said if I called it green or something they would know what it means. I'm always like, "Hey man, want to eat a big sausage with me?"
  14. Alive

    Alive Registered+

  15. JR77

    JR77 Registered+

    Al has NOTHING at all to do with weed orangeman...That's why it's a "code" for weed Get it??? :) :)
  16. blazed620

    blazed620 Registered+

    We call it
  17. checkmark9

    checkmark9 Registered+

    me and my friends use call it video games. And a pipe is a controller and a bong is a turbo controller and stuff like that. Kinda gay but my friends made it up so i use it.
  18. eetmiefuk

    eetmiefuk Registered+

    We used to call it Blue Cheese around here (wanna go eat some blue cheese.) and then we called it Office Space (wanna go watch Office Space.) now we called it Shoes because it works best (wanna go take a jog?)

    Shoe to weed guide.
    Nikes- Chronic
    New Balance- Shwagg
    Shoes falling off- high going away
    Shoes Really tight- really fuckin baked.
    New Shoes- New Sack
    Jog or Run- Smoking
    Nikes size 10- Dime
    Nikes 2 pairs 10- Twenty Sack
  19. Justin Incredible

    Justin Incredible Registered+

    I just go into my town centre and shout "HAS ANYBODY GOT ANY SKUNK THEY WANT TO SELL?"

    It works everytime.
  20. checkmark9

    checkmark9 Registered+

    is that so?

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