Cold sores? no problem

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by hipEstoner, May 11, 2006.

  1. hipEstoner

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    i have found the ultimate cold sore remedy, they will be gone in about a couple of hours , i had smoked a bit of weed and was tired of the cold sore on my lip, it was a blister by now and full of puss?, of somethin, so i poped it and rubbed it hard with a wet wash cloth and then i douced it with vinegar and washed the sore with vinegar for a few minutes and then put abreva on it , i kept alternating between abreva and nail polish, it was gone in no time
  2. del...

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    there is a chapter in "the emperor has no clothes" where jack herer reprinted a report done by university of florida in 1990 where a poltice of cannabis and rubbing alcohol dried up herpes lesions faster than any other product or remedy on the also treats asthma, glaucoma, tumors, nausea, epilepsy, and arthritis along with being an expectorant and antibiotic.
  3. Big Calhoun

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    Well, you may have just had a blister. Cold sores are usually on the inside of your mouth and I don't think you want to put nail polish remover in there. I rarely get blisters so I have no remedies. For cold sores, I just rinse out alot with Listerine and they usually go away in 48hrs.
  4. hipEstoner

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    i realy dont care about fever blisters as noone can see them because theyre on the inside of ur mouth but cold sore suck ass ,
  5. harmonicminor

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    hmmmm thats wierd calhoun... last summer I must have just had blisters when I thought it was a cold sore lol.
    no wonder the treatment I tried didnt work really and that was taking starting fluid and spraying on a cottonball to end up with ether to put on it. well for those with cold sores try that method. I hear it works .
  6. willystylle

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    A cold sore is just a variation of the herpes virus - so where the fuck have you been????????

    Best remedy for cold sores I have found is to rub with Surgical Spirits daily.
  7. notanotherteensmoker

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    Are you confusing cold sore with canker sore? Canker sores are tiny non-contagious sores insde the mouth that can be shrunk with alumn powder.
  8. harmonicminor

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    have you tried ether???? I hear its the best for that
    prolly close to the same thing as surgical spirits though as far as killing the virus
  9. willystylle

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    quite right harmonicminor, ether and surgical spirits is one and the same - something like 99- or 100-proof alcohol, used to clean wounds, piercings, etc. really cheap.
  10. Big Calhoun

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    Different terminolgy I guess, we refer to Canker Sores as Cold Sores in my family. My bad.

    FOXBIRD Registered+

    Cold sores are a variation of herpes, and whether is in the mouth or on your ****. Valtrex is the newest thing thing on the market.
    Used to be acyclovir was the thing, for outbreaks. Valtrex will prevent them from happening.
  12. Fan o KmK

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    ouch! you put nail polish on an uncovered cold sore. i get those things alot and i hate them but have found that the only, somehwat, rememdy is applying excessive amounts of abreva RIGHT when u start to notice it growing.

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