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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by drdanko, Apr 11, 2007.

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    Well the last time i smoked was april 1st, i smoked a bowl or 2 of some hash and 2 puffs of chronic. i had to take a urine analysis for the court today 4/11, and i was wondering if there was a chance that i passed or not. I am still having cold sweats when i sleep, does that mean the THC is still in my body or is that just a reaction to withdrawal. I was clean for about two weeks prior to april 1st. I also drank about a gallon of water before my test and urinated atleast 5 times.
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    Theres a chance you passed...considering you were clean for 2 weeks before April 1st. I guess it depends how much you smoked before that and how good your weed is ;)
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    im pretty sure weed should not give you cold sweat. the thing is, i get it all the time, but its because of my nervous system apparently...
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    Everyone is different. There is a percentage of cannabis users who go through classic withdrawals when they abstain.

    For me, it was five days. Mornings were the worst. Usually puked yellow 5, or bile. Nights were full of sweat. I mean soaked. All day my palms were sweating. Messed up appetite too.

    Few other problems. Gotta realize though, even though these were noticeable, they still were not anywhere near what an opiate addict or alcoholic would go through after immediate stopping.

    Oh, yea, got the shits too.

    I would say a good 90% of smokers stop with no ill side effect at all. Just a small hand full that get unlucky. It is such a small group there is a chance it is more genetic/enviro combo. Me, I got gambling, alcoholism, and drug addiction back as far as I know my family history. Obviously I am predisposed to substance abuse problems.

  5. I agree, everyone has different withdrawal symptoms. For me personally, the first 2-3 days are the worst and after that I'm ok. The most noticable pain in the ass is that my appetite is all messed up, like I'm not hungry and can barely eat. I also feel slightly off in my mind, like I can't quite think straight on anything. The other big problem is falling asleep. If I didn't happen to smoke all day, the one time I would be SURE to smoke was bedtime because the greenz help me sleep sooooooo good. Other than that I'm fine and like I said, after two or three days, I felt normal, but that's just me. I also run 2-3 miles 5-6 days a week so that helps too.
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    yeah my appetite is definatly different, food just doesnt taste as good as it does when your blazed. for me, i feel like the cold sweats are my body sweating out the THC. i think the puking part is linked to acid reflux. sometimes when i smoke a lot of blunts or cigs, i wake up and puke nasty white bubbly spit. anyone know how to cure that???

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