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Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by samspad, Mar 12, 2009.

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    Just curious. You keep posting about tinctures, have you tried to make any yet?
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    I've never tried it, just collecting methods. Here's a thread with all the methods I've been able to find so far.

    Alcohol Tincture - Marijuana Growing

    I'm making my first glycerine tincture today, I have; 5 ml of keif from a bubble bag extraction and 45 ML of glycerine; sitting in a crock pot filled with water to the level of the glycerine in the flask; I shake every 15 min - 60 min.

    I'm having trouble disolving the trichnomes and having the cannaboids absorbed by the glycerine - there is sedement on the bottom of the flask when I let it sit and the glycerine is almost clear above the sediment level when left to sit.

    I'm scouring the forum for a solution, if anyone has insight I'd appreciate the help.



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    Please post your results with the glycerin tincture - good or bad. I tried a hot extraction into glycerin once & it didn't work well at all. I have had good glycerin tincture before though. It can be done. I guess.

    Ethanol works fine for me.
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    The keif might just take time to dissolve. I think you have to let them sit for 6 weeks or so (shaking everyday). Or you can heat it up to speed up the process. I read a thread here about it. Full detail on how to do it.

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