Cold Water Extraction: Ghetto Style

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Perp, May 23, 2007.

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    I'm sure everyone has heard of Bubblebags and how to make hash with them using cold water extraction (CWE). The problem is that they are quite pricey and maybe you don't try CWE because of it. But it is IMO one of the better methods of making hash because it's:
    a) cheap
    b) safe
    c) good yield

    Here is a cheap way to do it, with good results. All you need are:
    1) two buckets; at least one should be 5 gal
    2) bag of ice
    3) filter; to strain plant material (must be big enough to let the trichomes pass)
    4) coffee filters
    5) blender; or some way to agitate the material
    5) trim; dried

    You will also see a siphon hose. Since the most of the trichomes drop to the bottom I siphon off most of the water from the bucket to save time. You do not need to do this but you will quickly find your coffee filters getting clogged from the trichs if you filter the whole bucket.

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    So, as you can see in the above pics, fill one bucket with water, ice and the trim. Use the blender to agitate for about 2-3 mins. Then take a break for 10 or so minutes, maybe smoke one or hit a bowl. That's what I do, usually.

    Repeat the agitation step a three or four times. Then, using the silkscreen (and a colander for shape), pour the whole mixture into the other bucket. Squeeze all the water out of the plant material and discard it.

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    You now have a bucket of greenish coloured water. This is where I siphon off about 3/4 of the water. Be sure to let it sit a while to give the trichomes time to sink to the bottom of the bucket.

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  4. Perp

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    Sorry forgot pics for these steps.

    When you are near the bottom stop the siphon. It's time to use the coffee filters to capture the hash. Cut the top off of a 2L plastic pop bottle. Take the cap off and turn it upside down and place the coffee filter inside. Now carefully pour the remaining water through the filter. This may take some time depending on how much water you have left

    Once your water is filtered you should have a number of coffee filters containing the wet hash.

    Use a blade to carefully scrape the hash onto a plate for drying. At this point you can leave it to dry naturally, or what I do is squeeze the water out with my fingers. Once it is dry then it is ready to smoke.

    Usually get 2-3 g per oz of trim, takes about 2 hours from start to finish.


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  5. Don Don

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    Last picture was kinda blurry but it still looks like s ome killer shit. Toke up!:thumbsup:
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    Hi, I am thinking of using this method, however when you say 'trim' do you mean all of the leaves from the plant? I have a bin liner full of leaves but they are wet at the minute.

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    yeah you get the hang of it after a while
    i had made hash using the ice water method and agitation but somebody ( my grandma snoooping in my room) thought it of mud maybe..?! and threw it out, it was a good 3 grams of it, or more.. i didnt even get to touch it yet! stupid snooping parents.
    well looking on the brightside.. at least they didnt touch my green..
  8. pspmachine

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  9. go toke up

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    i will be using your method when i get all of my plants trimmings. yay!
  10. Perp

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    Yes, by "trim" I mean all the leaf you get after manicuring. I use everything; bud leaves, fan leaves, stems. It all goes into the bucket.
  11. pspmachine

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    Thats the thing, I think i'm only getting fan leaves and stems, would this produce any hash at all?

  12. Perp

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    Well, it depends on the amount of trichomes on the material. Generally the smaller leaves that grow out of the bud will have the most. You don't have any leaves growing out of the buds? Fan leaves may have some on the stem and base of the leaf. I've seen some very crystally fan leaves. The more crystals (trichomes), the more hash you're gonna get.
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    you have been stickied...

    thanks for the contribution...
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  14. norkali

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    Where did you get your silkscreen? No art supply places in my area had any....
  15. Perp

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    Well, I got it from a friend who worked as a screen printer. I admit that item may be hard to come by for some people. I'm sure you could order some online. Alternatively, you could use cheesecloth, or a very fine sieve. That screen is to filter out the leaf material while allowing the trichomes to pass, so it doesn't have to be too fine. Just fine enough to keep the small bits of leaf out of your final product.

    PS I just ran out of what I got out of that run, so it lasted about a week for me. And I get high a lot, each day, all day. Pretty potent stuff. Best smoked in a pipe or bowl.
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  16. Perp

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    For this method I'm just using the shake and trim that would normally not be smoked in joints or bowls. It's just a cheap and easy way to get a little bit extra out of a grow.
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    That's a great method. I was just sorting thru a bunch of pictures I have of this method. I was going to post a thread, but seems like you got stickied, so maybe I'll just add them onto your thread if that's cool. :)

    IMO, using the large fan leaves is detrimental to the quality of your hash. If you use just the small leaves that are attached to the bud, you should get a more pure hash with less green material. When I post my pics, you will see the difference. One has greener water, and the other is more yellowish...less green. I suggest only using leaves with VISIBLE trichomes. :)

    The way I learned it was the GUMBY HASH method. Here is a link to an awesome vid that describes it all. A little different, but basically the same. :) Good thread, Perp.


    Be cool. :D

    The Fog :Rasta:
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    You can try using stretched out panty hose i think its the same thing.
  19. Perp

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    Green Fog - great video, especially the yields. It's good advice to leave your buckets to sit for a few hours. I tend to be a little impatient and lose yield in the process. Also cutting out the coffee filters, I'll have to try it.

    Dr. Chiefer - nice suggestion
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    Hey Perp, any thoughts on using dry ice. Besides the fact that it would look great smoking up the place. Would it help to be even colder. . .

    and what about a potato smasker instead of the cake mixer? Thanks alot for the thread. . .

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