Cold weather growing.

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Greenhit, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Greenhit

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    Anybody have experience growing in a cold environment? I have a shed I would like to grow in. It has electricity but I don't want to heat the whole shed so snow will settle on the roof.

    Anybody ever try an insulated grow box?

    I'm worried about cold coming in through vents obviously.
  2. LetsSeeYa

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    Iv never seen it done on here, but it would be a great experiment. The shed you have would need to be heated, but a grow box with lots of lights would give you heat. But when you go 12/12, the dark cycle would be too cold for the plants to live. So, you would need to keep the heat inside at least 65-75% while in dark period:thumbsup::Rasta:
  3. killerweed420

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    I use one of the oil filled heaters in my shed in the winter. I have it on a timer so it only comes on when the lights are off.
  4. Pudish

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    colder then what was it 55 degrees and you will prolly lose your plants. There are some strains that can take alot though. Some strains are from weird parts of the world and some strains like pure warmth. Well almost all do. The rule of 55 to 85 is the best to go by though. There may be some strains that wont mind it a little on the cold side though.

    If you can contact a few breeders and see what they have to say maybe someone can recommend a strain that might stand up to cooler temps.
  5. Greenhit

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    Thanks for the replies. I saw video on youtube that touches on hermies a bit. Urban grower mentioned that temp shock could push the plant into a survival state that could turn out to be a giant headache.

    I would grow indoors but I can't have the scent in the house. Does the plant give off strong scent as it's vegging?

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