Collecting kif and pressing small amounts of potent hash.

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Nochowderforyou, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. lazy smoker7

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    hey can you do this with mid grade weed?
  2. Nochowderforyou

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    Eternal OD: Hash can be black, but it is only blackish/dark brown when heat is used. I chose not to use heat. The main difference between using heat or not is whether or not you want the hash to crumble a bit when picked apart, or stay compacted. Dark hash, made using heat and pressure, will compact the hash and not be crumbly. This blonde hash on the other hand kind of crumbles when you pick a piece off, and that's how I like it, so it's all a matter of choice. :) And kif, are all of those little, tiny crystals you see on your bud.

    Lazy smoker: Yes, you can use any grade of hash you want to, but remeber the quality of the cannabis will greatly effect the quality of the hash.
  3. Dr.Hashman

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    I use a grinder with a pollen collector that works very well. It probably works better for me than others because the grinded bud sits on a screen and slides around when I go hiking. I take my grinder, pipe, and a lighter with me when I hike which is 3 days a week right now. I took all the kief out from grinding 5g of WW, 7g of Juicy Fruit, and 7g of random potent stuff. I made "sledge-hammer hash" with it and it turned out great!

    I pressed it out to about 2MM thick, then I used a 3/8" crinkle pastry cutter to make individual hash disks. I brought 2 of these disks and got like 10 people high lol. 1 small hit from the kief hash and they were gone. I had 1 huge hit and I was flying...

    The only thing I did differently from the origional post was put it in a toaster oven at 175 farenheit for like 5 minutes after I pressed it. I put it inside a damp cheese cloth and put the cheese cloth on a 4x4x1/2" glass plate that I chilled in the freezer. I liked it after 5 minutes in there because it stayed together better but wasn't hard.
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  4. orangeman

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    I'm about to buy a grinder with a crystal catcher but I have a question. I read some where that metal grinders weren't good because there was a possibility that metal shards could possibly fall within your ground up bud? Can some one elaborate this for me? Not a grinder person but thought it'd be cool to have like a little kief catcher so I wanna get one but I'm not sure if I should get the metal or an acrylic one.
  5. LIP

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    I've got more than one metal one and all of mine are absolutly fine.

    I've never heard of anyone else having that problem apart from that one guy - i think he just got ripped off.

    Plastic are also good, but i definatly prefer my metal grinders.
  6. budsmoker only

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    im with LIP on this one, i have never had any metal shards in my bud....
    i would recommend a metal one...

    i have never used an acryllic one but i have a metal one and love it to death, i dunno how metal shards could actually get in there, i read somewhere that someone had that so i inspected the bud i ground up pretty intensely and saw nothing but some good weed...
  7. orangeman

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    Alright cool. Gonna get one for my harvest when it's done. I'm gonna roll a blunt and just put kief on surface of the gutted blunt and add weed and then put more kief on top lol. I just wanna see how I feel. Gonna try to smoke the whole thing to the head haha.
  8. LIP

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    You'll be feeling very good - almost as though an atomic skunk bomb has exploded in your face! :D
  9. orangeman

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    :stoned: I can't wait :D
  10. orangeman

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    Well I got the grinder and papers for the harvest. I think I'm gonna have a good one. Grinder bigger than I expected, I like things small enough that it can fit in my pocket. It still can but if I ever bump into some one they'll probably be startled by that big thing lol.

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  11. Thinx

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    Very informative I have smoked black as we call it in the UK is this the same kind of stuff
  12. i agree with this mofo! but nice thread =] :thumbsup:
  13. Trip06

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    Nice tip. I put my nuggets in a empty spice bottle and duck tape this nylon like fabric stuff I fond over the top and screw the top back on. I shake it for like 5 minutes really good, tip it upside down tap good a few times and unscrew the lid upside down so all the kif is in it. I tap the keif loose and pour it into a baggy. Ifold the keif in the corner of the bag up tight and tape it and pound it with a hammer(props to the hammer head hash guy on here for giving me the idea). I usally do a half 8th nuggs like this and use a 1 hitter when I smoke....Works Great.:D
  14. xmordeciax

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    I have a 2.3 gram waffer of hash pressed sololy from keif, its dark brown/green and it is amazing! Its literally a mix of kief from any bud i've smoked in the past year plus kief from my homegrown from back when i grew. Its the greatest smellign thing ever too!
  15. oliwog

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    wicked post man i love smoke that shit gets ya fucked up if ya aint tried it its well worth smokin jus try it with a polen catcher grinder does the trick
    i usually make hash from the left over leaves an scuff from my grows
    always 5 x more potent than the weed
  16. budsmoker

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    how much do weed do you have to grind up in the grinder before you get a good amount of kief?
  17. LIP

    LIP Banned

    ALL depends on the weed. The more trichs, the better.

    Grinding a 1/4 of some very good stuff will give you enough trichs to make a nice chunk of hash - and it'll last for a few days too.
  18. funfubarman

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    I get about .5 grams off of an ounce of some good mid grade weed with my grinder
  19. TheGreenReefer

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    i just tried putting some kief folded up and compressed in wax paper with a paper ball around it soaked in water in the microwave for 30sec and it steamed up and made the kief turn brown like hash and its sticky and smells real good. im gonna try it out
  20. funfubarman

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    Tell us how it goes

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