Collecting kif and pressing small amounts of potent hash.

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Nochowderforyou, Nov 7, 2006.

  1. haha i just got that exact same coffee grinder and i have alot of kief in a pill bottle so i think im about to try this.. i find kief messy too..
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    So does the kief stick to the lid of the coffee grinder? Otherwise after you're done grinding it up, how do you separate the kief from the rest of what you've ground up?
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    As he said, the kief is flung up to the cap of the coffee grinder (or whatever it's called). You can see it, and read about that :).
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    Ever try putn your herb in the frezzer before shaking for the keif? Works good seems to seperate better. Then activate the keif before you smoke it..WOW..Peace from New Mexico.
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    dude it gets activated when u smoke it i.e. lighter flame hittin teh weed.:thumbsup: activating is for grenn dragon or food if im not wrong.
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    dude thats hella tite i'm tryin that when I get home. I usually use a coffee grinder to grind my herb but i just take all my keif and roll it in a fat joint. I would assume that this will get u moer stoned tho. Thanks for takin the time to write this up!
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    What is the point in smashing it into a brick? Why not just smoke it before that?
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    I had nothing to do when I got home tonight, except an Earth Systems Science paper.. so i decided to try this out.

    I ground up just over a half-o (using only my hand grinder w/ keif collector thingy). I put all my keif in a plastic baggie, pounded it on the ground for a good 10 mins with Stephen Colbert's new book (to my supprise, I dont have a hammer in my apt). It looks really good, i think i got quite a bit, but i havnt scaled it out yet cause im sleepy. I put it in the freezer for like an hour, took it out, beat it up again n then put it in the fridge.

    Pics tomrow maybe?
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    my results:

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    no chowder for you-

    hello from a fellow hash expierementer. its the best man, when the wed gets boring you make hash and its fun and interesting again.

    i was interested to see your hammer method. that was interesting. for my compression, i use a simple hand crank vice. just stick it in there.

    i also wanted to mention that at michaels craft store, they make a thing for silkscreening tshirts. it is perfect for seperating cannabis.

    i also wanted to metnion that in my profile pic area, is an example of sme hash which i managed to compress with my hand only.

    only by hand. here is how i did it.

    i took the powder, and put it in the palm of my hand. then, with my thumb i pressed the powder into the palm of my hand with some pressure.

    what happens is, with the heat from your hands and the pressure you provide, you can actually form a ball of hash.

    sometimes i form it in my hand, then place it in a press right away. that makes it turn black.

    anywho, nice interest dude, its alot of fun.
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    more about hash.......

    technically speaking, there is no one correct method to make haschish. all you need is the keif or crystals, then you need some way to compress it.

    i wanted to add some other methods people out there might want to try.

    sometimes, i take my keif, and i mix it with olive oil. not too much though, just enough to make the keif stick into a ball.

    then i take it, and i put it in a pan on the stove. you can keep it in ball form, or smash it down.

    if you keep it in ball form, you will have to move the ball so that it gets heated evenly.

    go black. heat the keif ball/flat thing until it burns. really get it hot.

    then....... take your burned keif ball..... put in a plastic bag...... and mash it up.

    reform it. mixing the burnt part with parts that havent touched the heat will make it stick better, and plus it will lighten it up.

    then let dry...and you have your hash.



    since i brought that up...... the only hash that you can eat, which will get you high, is keif that has been mixed with oil and given high heat.

    other then not aware that eating keif will get you high, alone and raw. klind of like eating weed alone wont get you high.

    ............just wanted to mention this method, i know that haschish can be killer on your throat.... so instead you might want to switch to eating it to let yourself heal.

    the only way you can eat it is if the keif has been mixed with oil, and given high heat.

    ONLY EAT ABOUT A 10TH OR A QUARTER GRAM. any more.... and its spacewalk time.


    like i was saying.... there is no correct way to make haschish.

    you have to keif out the bud.

    lets explore this method.

    i like the moethod proposed using the coffee grinder. but i fear that some keif is lost, or left in the bud. something tells me you could probabally get more then you are already getting, but i might be wrong.

    i do mine by hand, like i mentioned with a silkscreen from michaels craft store. basically i just force it through with the side of my hand.

    as i do this, green black film forms on the side of my hand. this is what is commonly called "hand rubbed" hash. it is the most potent.

    very potent. almost too potent. but not as potent as hash oil. thats neither here nor there though.

    so i force it through the silkscreen i got at michaels craft store, causing it to fall onto a plate below.

    you can tell when its about done. a quarter ounce or half ounce should take about 30 minutes from start to finish. when you see the weed on the silkscreen sort of deflate and look sorry, go ahead and look closely at the crystals in the weed. if you dont see too many, you are done.

    so you have you powder on the plate below. collect the powder.

    now you have to compress it.

    here is what i know-

    like i mentioned, you cna simply use your hand. try it first with a small amount of powder.

    work it hard. form it into a ball.

    once you have your ball, you can either put it in a simple hand crank vice, or you can heat water, put the little keif bal in a plastic bag, and dip in the water as it heats.

    if you do the water thing....start out slow. dont dip it in on a boil.

    dip, watch the condensation on the inside of the bag, then remove from water and hand press it.

    repeat as much as you want, but if you go too hot for too wont be good.

    or, as i mentioned, you cna mix your keif with olive oil, not drown it, and then heat it directly on a pan.

    like i said, burn the outside of it, then put in plastic bag, break up the ball, and reform. the burntoutside will help it stick together.



    am not seeing keif fall through the silkscreen.

    answer- do it harder. pres harder. it will happen. also, if the weed is a bit wet, it will takelonger then if the weed is perfectly dry.

    -cant get the ball to form in my hand.


    this is the tougest part of making hashish. there are a couple of factors. how much resins were in the weed? weed with more resins will be easier to form then weed which has few resisns. therefore, outdoor is easier to hand form the indoor, typically speaking.

    its hard work. it will take persistence. the process is this-

    at first, the powder sticks, but wont form a ball. it just flakes away. keep going. remember to keep it warm, and keep pressure. try to roll it into a cylinder.

    you will know you have completed it correctly when your keif is not crumbly at all, and is in a fully formed ball.

    its hard work.

    -cant get the keif to stick together in a vice

    answer- um...... do it repeadedly. it will start to get black as the oils come to the surface, sticking it together.

    ideally, you should hand form, then when its still warm, put in the vice. if you just go powder to vice, it will take 5 or 6 crank downs.

    oh! forgot to mention. if you take your powder, crank it in a vice one time, then try to hand form it, it will be easier then just hand forming from powder.

    -i drowned my keif in olive oil. : (

    answer- dont worry. all is not lost. simply take the olive oil with keif in it, and put in a pan on the stove. heat. watch.

    when you see the olive oil start to dissipate, and the area where there was too much oil has now become maleable...... stop heaing and collect. it should be the consistency of..... wet sugar.

    simply collect, and smoke. it will form together.


    i spent alot of time on hash and haschish, hope this will help you guys and girls out there to have some fun.

    peace out!
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    so from an oz of AK 47 strain (really crystally) 28 grams how much of this hash do you think i would get if i used a coffee grinder and crapeing it.. i got about 1 gram from just the bud i grinded last night lol.. off just the lid.
  15. bogoljub777

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    hey smoke alot

    you probabally arent asking me..... but i jumped in becuase ive made hash with ak47.....nay, ak 48 before. (im sure you know about the name change)

    ak 47 is an awesome hash producer. use the method i described above. if you use an ounce, i would estimate 10 to 14 grams of powder. total.

    now as for pure "crystals" organic matter, i would estimate that you would get 5-8 grams of pure crystals no imperfections from an ounce of ak.

    this is dope dude. i made hash out of ak all the time...and i will tell you a secret. the ak powder is so can put it in your hand, like i described, and you can form that stuff without much effort.

    it should take less then one minute to form a little ball from ak powder in your hand. it wont be that bad.

    once oyu have the can put it in a press..(my favorite), put it in a vice, or put it in hot water while in a plastic bag. or just leave it.

    in fact....if i was you....why not keif out the bud, and do every little method with many different little balls of keif? thats what i just did last night. was going to post photos, but the photo upload thing is messed up. will post asap.

    ak is awesome stuff to make hash with. it makes alot of powder. go get that silkscreen from michaels craftstore.

    dude if oyu make hash with that will be some of the most potent "onehitterquitter" stuff in existence. i mess with hippies and lifetimes smokers, and when we made hash out of ak it was one hitter stuff for lifetime potheads.

    if you do it up....take some pics and post.

    i just made hash last night out of an "80-20" blend. 80%superskunk, 20% nl.

    you can do that. tinker with blends and stuff. if oyu have other bud then ak, why not keif some of that out, then try to blend some stuff?

    its fun. that superskunk made the hash all skunky. its awesome.

    i love life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

    by the do i post photos in this little area?
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    thats sick man, i know i have a new batch of this ak evry week sometimes 2 a week, and always the crystalls jump out of the bud. lol, i just got a whole dime baggie packed full with just 5 grams of bud.. it,s not compressed just filled the whole thing :O, so whatm im going to do now is compress that bitch into a block of 1 hit wonders lol :D---` should i use freezing in thistechnique
  17. bogoljub777

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    what do you mean freezing? should you feze the bud before you seperate it, or should you freeze the keif?

    if you mean should you freeze the bud, i say no. when i hash out ak, i just mak sure its pretty dry. it dosent have to be perfectly dry, just 75% dry.

    if you mean freeze the keif, ive never heard of that.

    how do you plan to compress it? do you have a hand vice?
  18. LIP

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    He's talking about freezing the bud - easier to collect the trichomes because they're rock hard and not soft. I dont personally bother freezing it, i just use VERY dry bud.

    Each to their own.
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    Excellent post, man. THANKS A LOT !
  20. bogoljub777

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    yes... um i find that the more resinious and slighly damp the weed, the more resins that form on my hand when i make the hash and force it trhough.

    by the way...i wanted to tell you guys, i ate hash oil. it works. you get high. only eat one drop.

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