Collecting kif and pressing small amounts of potent hash.

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by Nochowderforyou, Nov 7, 2006.

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    would 3 8th's work, to do this exerperiment?
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    Thanks for this... I just entered this thread less than 45 minutes ago for the first time, and I'm already previewing the hash I just made.
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    I just did this for the first time. Had about 1/2 a gram of keif saved up from maybe like a 1/2 of material (i wasn't trying to save it for anything, I just *inherited* one of those screened grinders from an ex girl friend, heh). I just put it all in the corner of a little baggine, wrapped it in plastic using 10% of the baggie at most, then stuck it under the leg of a heavy bed for a night.

    I am quite litteraly amazed at the fact that it worked and it's actually really great quality. I didn't use any special material, some good stuff here, some shitty stuff there - whatever was going around - and I ended up with a rock hard block about the size of a dime. it only takes one or two hits to get you right.

    One thing i noticed was that what I made was a lot darker in color than what my buddy had going for him (which smells great, but his stuff would turn back to powder a lot easier than mine). i don't know if this is due to difference in starting material or difference in ending material (due to the process of collecting the trichomes)..
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    Ok...I would like to say something.
    My "tolerance" (if such thing exists) has never been very high, and probably never will. I can get high off of two hits. Joints blow my mind and I've never smoked a blunt.
    But thats getting off topic (youll understand)
    from the last grow and a few stonings I've saved up some stems, and had ground a few in my coffee grinder (bi mart 7 bucks YES!) And I couldn't help but noticed this funky powdery substance. I left it alone, didn't think anything of it. I thought it was "Weedpoo"
    Now, reading this, I remember that there was still some kif left on the lid, and after I read this I had to try it, with what I had. I ground up the rest of the stems, collected the kif, used the method that started this whole thread except I didn't feel like looking for a hammer so I just jumped on it for a good bit. I ended up with 3 hits of this hash. I didn't even think it would do anything.
    And here I am. And I am fucking ripped, which is why I can't type for shit. You can make this potent of hash from stems...I can't imagine. Everyone must try this!! And if you could find a way to produce it on a consistent level you could just be rolling in money. So do that.
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    My second whack at hash...
    I been savin up some hash collected from budz I got recently, currently being pressed in the freezer. Here in a bit I'm gonna get it out and beat on it with my lighter for a while, then replace it, then smoke it up with a buddy of mine. I will have pics, and it will be dank..Turned the weed into shit though
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    I did it again. Used my grinder with the screen and about 14g of some mid. Ended up with about a 1g nice and hard after 24 hours under bedpost
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    Very nice post. I have a grinder with a pollen screen and I've been wondering for weeks how to go about pressing my savings. I will do it tomorrow, I just sampled some of the kief so its probably not a good idea for me to be swinging a hammer. :stoned:
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    haha yes, there are others who smoke like me. ive been using this method for years, and it is the perfect daily high for me/ i find i dont get nearly as burnt out. gonna go make some now! only what i do is compress and roll it in my hand. works just as well, and if your good you dont lose any keef!
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    guess I'm just lazy...Got a keif box off of ebay for 20 dollars, and it came with a kief press also. Makes perfect round disks of hash.
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    wide awake at 5:30 man, if i had that much keif id have be asleep like 5 hours ago haha
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    I have a great solution to collect my kief : a pollen kief sifter box, bought it with the guys of trimmerpro only $60. They are handcrafted. great solution and keep my plants in a perfect place.
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    Me usually do Moroccan style with beating sticks over screen to get pollen...saving the leftovers is what takes long to make, but well worth it. Compete with anything FROM Morocco.
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    I picked up some bubble bags to make my hash when my crop is done.
    Put the 7 bags inside each other, each bag has a different size gauge working from larger to smaller.
    Stick the bags into a large bucket of water with ice cubes in it for 15 minutes.
    Pour all your trimmings into the inside bubble bag in the bucket with the ice water.
    Get a kitchen electric mixer and get mixing for about 20 minutes. The trichomes become solid with the ice water and separate from the leaves and sink to the end of the bag. the leaves float.
    The solid trichomes then fall through the gauge and this creates different levels of quality as the hash falls from bag to bag.

    Clear all the leaves away from the top of the water. Shake the bubble bags in the bucket for another 10 minutes so to get the trichomes to fall further through the gauge.
    This is important so you separate your qualities.
    Remove the bubble bags and inside each bag you will have a layer of wet hash.
    Turn the bags over onto a table and let the hash fall out. Leave the hash dry overnight.
    Be sure to clean the bags immediately so they don't become clogged up and useless.
    Very easy way to separate trichomes from the plant and make high grade hashish.
    You can buy bubble bags on eBay fairly cheaply.

    Take care all
    Hope this might help one or 2 people.
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    I did not read the entire thread as that would take way too long. The screen size on the various kief sifters I have been investigating is 145 to 150 microns. Nylon is easier to use because you don't have the static issue. It does wear out quicker though. You can get stainless screen that is that fine but you would have to make sure it is anti static. It is much more durable than nylon.

    The kief sifters I have seen would be ridiculously easy to make at home. Some have just 4 2x4's about 18" long with the screen attached to the bottom. It would not be that hard to make a tumbler either. I saw one listed for about $400 that could be easily made in a garage for far less. They usually have hand and electric motor power but the good kief is the stuff that comes out the first 10 or 12 minutes of tumbling. If you keep going longer than that you start getting leaf material in the kief and the quality goes down.

    I hope someone out there can add a site where you can acquire the nylon or antistatic stainless screen. I would like to make one soon. I have mountains of trim. I would like to see how the kief compares to the bubble hash I have been making.
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    whenever pressing hash make sure to involve a little bit of heat. it helps bind the trichomes together making for a more solid and denser hash ball. Hell i even wrap the kief in cellaphane and stick it in the sole of my shoe. After an hour or two of walking around its ready to go. The combination of heat and presser makes it condense faster.

    I just blazed some 50 micron bubble hash and to be honest i like smoking hash more than flowers. a much stronger high and because i used 8 different strains to make it the flavors hit you from all angles. the stones from indicas, sativas and hybrids mixed into one makes for hell of a smoke session. like turning yourself into a mentally challenged person for about 3 hours
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    Bubble hash is the shit man lol its what the weed snobes smoke
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    no offense, but the terpenes in the capitate glands ARE SOLVENTS , the absolute dumbest thing you could ever do is fill a plastic bad with glands and then smash then together. this is barabaric.
    #rosintech for the win
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