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    anybody ever had one im 18 and im getn one tommorow to check for ulsers crones or ever the infmamous colon cancer but i had to drink a gallon of this nasty ass fukn shit and i couldnt eat for 3 days i just smoked outa tha bong in tha bathroom but man fightn tha munchies was hard but anybody ever had that shit done? did it hurt after?
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    Why would you be checked for these at 18, is this an American thing regarding healthcare.
    Very very srange post.

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    Do your doctors think there is some type of problem? I don't think a colonoscopy is the routine way to check for ulcers or Crohn's disease (have they done blood work 1st, like a CBC or a C-reactive protein test to check for inflammation?), and why do they think you may have colon cancer? I do hope everything turns out well for you though. I think the general age for a routine colonoscopy is 35 or 40, so I still have some years before I have to worry about it. I have a picture of one in my medical terminology book, and it doesn't look fun at all, but I am sure you will be sedated, and the last time I had surgery + anesthesia, I did not remember anything at all.
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    It usually does not hurt after the procedure. You may get some mild cramping, but that will subside quickly. If you're going to be sedated, you're supposed to bring someone along to accompany you home. I had it done once without sedation, and it wasn't bad at all, but nowadays I prefer to be sedated when I have it done. Good luck.
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    Normally the standard of care in America is that people begin having routine colonoscopies at 50 and after (frequency determined by the physician according to initial findings) unless there's another disease or condition that merits the procedure earlier. A colonoscopy is very definitely a way that they can look in people's lower intestines for Crohn's ulcerations or absesses or old scarring. People with a definite family history of colon cancer or familial polyposis generally are told to have their first colonoscopy when they're 10 years younger than the age that their parent/sibling with the disease was first diagnosed, so there are plenty of people out and about who've had the procedure before the age of 50.

    I haven't gotten to the age where they're part of my routine care yet, but my husband and parents have had it done and say it's not bad at all.
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    yeas i have had a few starting at the age of 14 and just had one done 3 months ago and am now 39. You will probably be sedated for the test. It is a little uncomfortable if you arent sedated. Once you are sedated the test will include inserting a camera in your rectum that will extend up into your colon area to look for abnormalities. you wont be sore afterwards but you may feel a little stiff. Yeah they had me drink some Go-Lytely which is to clean your intestines and colon of all food remanats. Loads of fun huh?..kinda like being anally assaulted in your sleep....LOL. Good luck

    here is a pic of the camera that will be used.

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    i just got back from mine a couple hours ago got a colonoscopy and a endoscopy but naw it dont hurt afterward ur fine after but my weekend was hell cause i couldnt eat couldnt smoke had to drink miralax and on top of that i got a damn cold but is clearing up thankfully my nose is not as clogged as it was but ya man only bad part of the colonoscopy is the pre op part but ya u dont notice anything after wards

    Birdgirl thanks for all ur help by the way i told the docs how much i smoked he was like ok but ya i dont think he cared really lol
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    The worst part is the 2 days before the procedure. You should be sedated and not even be aware of what happened when you wake up.

    But those two days cleaning out your system sure is hell.
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    ya it is its even worse when u got a cold man it was not fun at all but im smokin again so im happy
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    Glad you survived it and glad you've been able to get back to your beloved weed. Did they give you any results of what they saw in there? That is, have they been able to diagnose your problem, DrDoja?
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    Don't worry..You don't feel a thing! The doctors completely heavely sedate you when colonoscopy's are performed.Now...don't get one from a gastro surgeron in their office because they don't provide any sedation and is a terrible experience.
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    So is it safe to smoke pot PRIOR to a colonoscopy? My doctor told me no aspirin a week before. I didn't think then to ask about pot, but now I'm wondering. I don't want to do anything that will jeopardize the procedure....Thanks....
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    my firend found out he had a stomach hernia & a block in his small intestine...the specialists made him swallow a pill that has a camera built into it...... it showed his entire digestive track from the throat to the anus...alot easier than a colonoscope
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    a pill cam

    Man, no I never had one done, but that shit sounds nasty, I hope you get through it well.:thumbsup:
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    just make sure you don't feel both your Doctor's hands on your shoulders, at the same time ... :wtf:

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