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  1. copobo

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    hi folks!

    a few pics of some fresh goodies.

    this is a buddha's little sister. got the clone on 9/17 (grateful meds in ned) and vegged till 10/15, this pic taken today, 13 days into flower. RDWC, GH 3 part.

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  2. copobo

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    this bubblegum has all of the same stats as the BLS above.

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  3. Feijao

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    Good to hear that the clones from Greatful Meds are doing well.

  4. copobo

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    same stats, pic taken 10/28

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  5. quagland

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    nice pictures! I can't wait to grow again. I had a little closet setup when I was a kid, that was a lot of fun.
  6. copobo

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    one week later

    same ladies as above.. click on the bubblegum for the big screen. resin came out nice in the pics when you zoom in.

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  7. GratefulMeds

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    We now have these clones in
    Sour Diesel
    Jack the Ripper
  8. Ramsbooty

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    Majick Dragon

    These pics are of 'Majick Dragon' a strain that we developed to reduce pain but not be overwhelming if used all day in moderation (this will couch lock you if you take too much). This strain is a huge producer, 6-8 oz are easliy attained from a 4-5 week veg and 9 week flower in dwc. The Majick Dragon grows its' many side branches up to be almost as large as the main cola. The buds are fairly dense, though by no means rock hard, one oz fills a quart jar about 3/4. We are planning on backcrossing this to one of the P1 to try for increased potency while keeping the huge yeild. We provide this clone only strain for the patients we serve as cargivers for in Colorado for free. The only nonprofit dispensary that I know of in Co, Nature's COOP in Steamboat, is the only dispensary in the state that currently has this cut (because they provide cuts to thier patients free as well). For more info on this strain please see

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  9. copobo

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    another week

    hover your mouse to find out the strain (filename)

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  10. copobo

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    more (a bit over 3 weeks)


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  11. copobo

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    blueberry closeup

    4 weeks

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  12. copobo

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    bubblegum 5 weeks

    very sticky and aromatic, super sweet smelling. at least 3 weeks to go!

    click to enlarge, then click the slide to see the trichmes.

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  13. FarmerSteve

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    Wow Johnny, seriously? :(
  14. senorx12562

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    Have I phase shifted over to or something?
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    Lol. :wtf:
  16. StoneyJake

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    WTF. I cant believe you went there on this forum.. People on this sight are trying to steer away from those types of addictive medicines. Very disappointing and I hope you get banned
  17. TheStrainMan

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    banned?!! this guy should be given at least 20 lashings over a barrel, then sent to think about it for a month in some damp, dark cell

  18. StoneyJake

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    the damp dark cell could still happen if he is stupid enough to try to illegally sell drugs online..
  19. copobo

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    from bagseed

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  20. copobo

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    sour-d, hydro.

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