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    Whats going on everyone I am a out of state cultivator that just moved to CO. I am trying to obtain a growing license. I want to do this legally. I have already checked out the department of revenue site and the Colorado Dept of Public Health and Environment website they offered very little information beside the secure facility form. I need help starting this up. I am a very successful grower with 10 years of experience. If you own a dispensary in my area and want to help me out with the information. I can promise you Marijuana with THC content higher then 15%. Any little information will help!!! I Just need a shove in the right direction. Thanks..

    Legalize The Truth!!!
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    Growers Licenses called Optional Premise Cultivation Licenses [OPCL's] can only be issued to Dispensaries. You can not grow and sell to a dispensary. This is all regulated through the Department of Revenue Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division.
    Department of Revenue - Enforcement Group:Medical Marijuana

    Caregiver growers can cultivate for up to 5 patients, but are required to sell medical marijuana for cost of production. Caregivers can charge for the other required services that they must provide to patients. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc... but I don't know a lot about caregivers and how all that works these days. I will say that when we were caregivers we kept an attorney on retainer to help keep on the right path. Maybe that might be your first step. The Health Dept has rules on their website if that helps.
    Colorado: Department of Public Health and Environment, Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry

    If you moved here to start a marijuana business, you might be disappointed. Shops are closing down at a rapid rate due to excessive competition and over regulation. Caregivers are giving up because of the regulations and grow site registrations required.
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    Im glad i didn't move here solely on starting a business. I moved here due to my primary job. Growing is a hobby i figured I could try to do it legally since i'm in a legal state. I would prefer to get connected with a person that is opening a dispensary and We could work a business prop. Or someone that is losing one of their growers. I see the dispensaries on every corner so i know that the probability of opening one and being successful is slim to none. Just trying to go legal I have a family and i'm trying to minimize my risks
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    So Guess if any dispensary is looking to fill their OPCL just let me know lol thanks socommj
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    If you can bide your time, the moratorium on new cannabis businesses in Colorado will be up in July of 2012, in which case you can start your own business.

    You could use this time to set up partnerships, look for real estate, etc.

    Yet, to be an owner you need to show you have been a Colorado resident for 2+ years, so hunting around for an opening might be your best bet.

    Here are some tips for landing a cannabis job in Colorado I wrote a few weeks back. Could be helpful: Land a cannabis job | Medical marijuana employment in Colorado

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    i thought residency was more like five years??? in any case this person will be setting up shop in a shit storm.
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    Unless they extend for ANOTHER year. The legislators have not even begun fucking with MMJ things yet this year.

    Be advised also that you would be investing ton of money into an already over saturated market. Established businesses are still closing down on a daily basis. Not saying that it can't be done, but you have to be realistic about your expectations before you drop the moola. If they do release the moratorium on July 1, think about how many others will be jumping in with you.
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    it seems like the liberalization of mmj in co has almost hurt because everyone and their mother got on the train and now pricing and competition is horribly regulated
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    Many did get on that train, but I don't think it hurt.

    Some will disagree, but regulation of a retail model has worked to legitimize the industry and hopefully will increase the chances of the 'Regulate like alcohol' initiative in Nov. 2012.

    As to competition, Colorado has done good to put it in the law that all medicine must be grown in approved facilities in Colorado. This requirement alone has pushed some out of the game because of the investment necessary to remain compliant.

    It also means that, unless someone is doing shady business, MMJ centers aren't competing with cartel marijuana, though the difference in quality is enough to say 'no competition'.

    It's a healthy market, and while we would love to see the average price higher, it's good for the patients so long as they aren't being sold moldy, buggy, or pesticide laden medicine.

    I haven't heard any rumors of the moratorium being extended, but I imagine that if the MMED doesn't process all of the present pending apps, they may request it.

    Certainly many will try to break in when the moratorium does lift, but the rush will be very different as most patients have settled on a center or caregiver and are generally loyal.
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    There are no pricing regulations I'm aware of. Prices for good pot in CO are very low, the lowest I've ever seen.

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