Colorado News- Dispensaries Can Stay, but....

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by canaguy27, Feb 3, 2010.

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    big bucks

    wow. the price of weed is about to go WAY up!

    there are also going to be a bunch of patients with extra caregiver spots as this will close a bunch of shops. I'm ready to invest in a grow shop! This will force a patient to patient black market and thousands into growing. For those that do go to the trouble to grow, they are going to enjoy $600/z prices.

    simple economics. Romer is not a friend of the patient or the state, as the money is about to go back underground along with 90% of the potential tax money. The underground will thrive, because it will be SO hard to enforce any MJ laws after there are 10,000 new growers in the state within a couple months of this legislation.

    BTW - a non-profit can salary the owner a million dollars if they wish. It'll just be a new scam.
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    yup just as i have been saying all along.prices are going to do anything but drop.

    if this passes it will cause alot of problems.what people don't seem to understand is the state/gov are not out to help you.see you pissed them off when this vote passed for med legal.they are trying there best to back track.

    if this passes and the 5 patient limit ever passes it will make it that much harder for patients.see now growers are looking for patients.if these things pass the patient will be looking for a grower.patients out way growers by if they put a limit on these things it will leave alot of patients out in the cold.say bye bye to all those freebies that growers are now offering to get patients.
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    You guys are silly. More and more patients are starting to grow. Prices will drop , because there will be far more legal growers. Once i get my grow going, i dont think ill ever pay $50 an eighth. I know at least 10 other people that are starting to grow, or are already growing, and i know they will never charge me $600.
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    What I don't understand is the absolute, to me at least, bizarreness of turning dispensaries into non profits. At first glance, non-profits are exempt from taxes. I'm not an expert so that is a blanket statement. I also imagine the bookeeping would be a bigger challenge along with whatever other rules non-profits imply. Perhaps that is trojan horse.

    The shops I've visited in the last few months were all speaking about their own grows to come. Probably doesn't speak of all. Someone who is reselling versus one who is growing / selling has the advantage.

    Also it seems that the doctor - patient rules while listed didn't seem like a big jump from current operations.

    Mostly I don't like any of it at all, including the consistent droning of demonetization, stigmatization, making it all into some big "fuss":cool:
    And people believe the crap. LOL

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    I currently " give " an ounce a month of top shelf med's to my patients....No one ever complains.......Prices will go up!!!
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    and, non-profit is a federal designation... you need to register with the federal government for 501-c3 status. And guess what - they can turn your application down. I wonder how this will play out, and if it's part of Romer's evil plan...

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    excellent point.

    and the news is reporting nearly half consensus on balanced bill. Even if it's a ridiculous consensus that makes for a democratic vote towards passed.:wtf:
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    This is from the pdf of the bill from a westword link yesterday.

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    Yall are wrong and yall live in the state. Give it time people and the prices will drop. It is simple the more growers the more competitive it will be. It's like puttin 1 person in the room who grows and 20 smokers, the grower and name the price. Now have 10 growers and 10 smokers in the same room, and their is alot of competition b/c someone in that room as a grower will sell it cheaper b/c he/she wants their mj sold. Why would it go up and be more than it was on the black market??? lol, think about it. You could pay as much as you wanted, it's just stupid.
  11. drsomething

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    The number of growers will jump but they will each only legally be able to have five patients. How are they going to be able to provide meds at a reasonable price when they are legally strapped at 30 plants while the wellness centers can have up to 3000 plants at a time. These centers are going to have a monopoly on the market and can jack up the price all they want, even though they are gonna be "non profit" organization. Sure we all need to grow our own or find a primary caregiver that is not a wellness center, but shit, talk about ruining any opportunity for small business to make any mark on this industry. Here we go again killing the newest source of jobs in our state by giving the majority of the opportunity to the large wellness centers.
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    sorry to say but if the 5 patient rule becomes law that lil pipe dream is out the window. but i have been hearing about the whole it's all gunna be free next's been a year and they keep saying it lmao.
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    If every patient that has the space and the ability to grow starts tomorrow there still will not be enough medicine to supply the ever rising demand.

    I am sure I am not the only one that noticed that many area dispensaries go thru periods frequently where they do not have the variety, quanity or quality that would be ideal. This is certainly no ones fault, no one could predict the amaizing rise in demand. There is nothing more disappointing than grapping your cash and heading down to your favorite dispensary only to find out they do not have the strains you want or there is a very small quanity of them. Again, I am not pointing fingers or placing blame, just doing alittle whinning. Just check the forums and you can see where the "super" strains, those that we all are excited to see, have limited availability.

    As long as demand out weights supply prices will not go down. As long as the state gets 1600-1800 referrals a day the price will not go down. Unless the state allows large,(I hate to use the word) commercial grows the price will not go down.

    Everybody can grow marijuana easily, unfortunately that does not mean everybody can grow medicine. It take alot of knowledge, patience, and time to learn to grow medicine. I encourage everybody to do so if they are physically able and have the space. Practice makes perfect and it certainly will augment your costs.

    I grow but still find myself at a dispensary looking for different strains that help my medical condition or while waiting for my crop to cure. There will always be the need for a dispensary type model. Most of us will never be
    able to grow an adequate amount of medicine to meet our personal needs.

    Patients who grow will save money but I doubt that it will impact the cost. Six plants is not enough to supply most people for the 4-5 months it takes ro grow and cure. It takes awhile for people that are not experience to increase there yield enough to cover their own needs.

    Prices are not going down until supply goes up.
  15. canaguy27

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    I agree and I don't think anyone is getting this. There are going to be 100,000+ patients before we know it. I bet there are already 75k right now.
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    Prices will go up because supply will go down. Just because someone can run a dispensary doesn't mean they can grow decent product, and under this proposal, "centers" will have to grow 90% of their own product, and the other 10% must be purchased from another licensee, so no more independent growers, except those with 5 or fewer patients, and "centers" can't buy from them.

    Dispensaries can't get enough decent product now (which explains their prices) and more restrictions on how they source their product will only exacerbate that problem. Furthermore, the small growers are going to have to raise their prices to cover their costs if they can only have 5 patients. Most of the costs will stay close to the same whether you grow 36 plants or 100 plants, so they will need to make more per plant. Oh, wait, I forgot, its a weed and grows for free.


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    I don't see the majority of patients wanting to spend the time, energy and money to grow, especially if they have a debilitating condition and being financially strapped as many say they are.

    Also, how will the potentially displaced patients find caregivers who are not dispensaries? You think caregivers will willingly offer their names to the Registry?

    Anyway, the small caregivers who are not dispensaries cannot grow in advance of patients, not to mention the fact (if the Bill passes as is) that patients can't readily go shopping anymore since the person/place you obtain mm has to be the primary caregiver. Certainly gives the dispensary "model" an advantage...and those who have the advantage will set the tone for things like...prices.
  18. palerider7777

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    and lets not forget the 2 oz's at a time rule either...
  19. palerider7777

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    yup thats why i don't like to live in a dreamworld,:cool: cause when reality hits it's a big let down....

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