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  1. Dreadmantic

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    Ok, so my last thread didn't stick. But hey Columbus, what's up?
  2. ThE pRoBlEm

    ThE pRoBlEm Registered+

    whats goodie
  3. madcow11

    madcow11 Registered

    What's up? I'm near Columbus. Any farmers in the area?
  4. Birdsfoot

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  5. fsunoles

    fsunoles Registered+

    capital city livving between cleveland and columbus campus are whats up!
  6. 420HighLife

    420HighLife Registered+

    Whats goin on Columbus
  7. GraziLovesMary

    GraziLovesMary Registered+

    What it do... just moved here... Im likin it..
  8. Mrs. Greenjeans

    Mrs. Greenjeans Registered+

    I'm in the 614. What side of town you on Grazi?
  9. 4osiris

    4osiris Registered+

    Columbus-Da Bus

    I just moved back up to Cleveland(Feb'04)from Columbus(Reynoldsburg). I was in Columbus from Apr'99 and I miss it soooo much! It's too racially divided up here(Cleveland). And the ladies are marvelous in the 614 and are the sweetest. I can't wait to make another trip down to Long Street Live!
  10. Mrs. Greenjeans

    Mrs. Greenjeans Registered+

    The Bus is so conservative though. I was born here, but lived a long time in NE Ohio. I went to elementary and h.s. in Canton, then moved to Cuyahoga Falls and Akron following my first divorce. I moved back to the Bus in 93. People here are so fucking uptight. People in Cleveland know how to party!
  11. 4osiris

    4osiris Registered+

    I feel you Mrs. Greenjeans. I guess you could say I'm rather biased though. I moved down to the Bus to live so that my girlfriend(from Cleveland)could live off campus(OSU)and we could be together and pursue our careers. I even enrolled in DeVry univ. because by this time my girl was attending Capital Law. Things were kinda shaky for me and her because I felt that she had a little more going on in the Bus than I was aware of. But I met a really sweet girl and at the time I was officially attached so I wasn't trying to damage any feelings so I refused to lead on. But to make a long story short I stilll wonder about her now that I can honestly say I should've dumped #1 for her. But you live and learn.
  12. solid6

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    if you think the bus is weak, you have serious social issues. Cbus has hot chicks, gooood buds (especially for campus) and awesome night life. go out and get your feet wet boys, smoke one and holler at your girls.
  13. waysofmylife

    waysofmylife Registered

    just moved from LA to Cbus...feels kinda dry out here which is killing me, guess I just need to spend more time. O'well no more clubs on every corner for me ;(
  14. oturbojoeo4o

    oturbojoeo4o Registered+

    this is true...614Love
  15. Sandman614

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    I never have time to go out anymore and my longtime supplier can only get some horrible ass shit...he says there's nothing that can be done :(

    So what does someone in my situation do?

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