Complete Smoking Noob here. Looking for any and all help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by JohnGalt, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. JohnGalt

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    Hey y'all. Like I said, I've never used weed before. However, I figured I'd try it. A friend of mine said I could get a quarter for about $30, but he'd have to check with his dealer to make sure he had the stuff. This is a good friend who wouldn't rip me off (so thats cool).

    So I have several questions. Can y'all let me know of some general drug terminalogy (weed in particular). Also, can you let me know some of the different ways you can smoke it (Like do I HAVE to use cigarrete rolling paper for a joint, or can I just use a tobacco pipe, etc), and please go into detail if possible. Another question is how many grams do you use per one joint (or normal cigarrete rolling paper)

    Also, if you have any random information you think I should know as I enter the world of marijuana, please feel free to share.

    As a side note, I don't want to use any actual tobacco in anything if I can avoid it, because both of my parents were nicotine addicts, and I'd really rather not have to deal with that.

    So thanks for any info :)

    Also do any of you have a picture of how much a quarter should look like?
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  2. Nochowderforyou

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    First rule of smoking: NO TOBACCO! :p It just doesn't belong in the same area as the sweet green.

    A 1/4 (quarter) is 7g's, just so you know. Bag come in several diff. weights, but here is the rundown of the basic weights.

    1/8 (eighth)=3.5grams
    1/2 (ounce)=14g's
    Full ounce=28g's

    As for prices, they vary between every region and city, greatly vary.

    You can smoke using rolling papers like Zig Zags, that cost $1 at any corner store for 100 papers, but you have to be of age to buy them of course. You can use a pipe, a bong, bubbler, steamroller, but bongs and pipes are most common. If you are curious about what they look like, check out the Pictures forum on this site and there are plenty of pictures showing them.

    And yes, you can use a tobacco pipe, but for a clean smoke, glass is best. You can buy a basic glass spoon for $15-$50 at any headshop. So the choice is yours. You can make a homemade pipe easily. Just snoop around the forums a bit and you can get ideas.

    Always look at the product before you buy. Ask friends or co-workers the typical prices for diff. qualitities of smoke. Cannabis comes in dried buds, don't EVER buy ground up cannabis, as other unknown cooking herbs can find its way into the bag. To see differet qualitites of cannabis, again, check out the Pictures forum.

    Good luck.
  3. huh

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    Main thing to know: Lighter burns weed, weed gives off smoke, you inhale smoke, you get high. simple as that.

    Now to make inhaling the smoke easier you can
    a. put it in a pipe, bong, bubbler, etc...
    b. roll it in a joint or blunt
    c. vaporize the thc in a vaporizer (we will get to this when you get more experienced)

    You can also eat marijuana by extracting the thc with some sort of fatty oily substance, like butter or organic peanutbutter (there is more but i dont know much about making weed foods)

    some things you might want to know:
    -tobacco pipe can be used for weed
    -1 gram of good weed can get 3-4 people pretty high
    -1/8 = 3.5 grams
    -1/4 or "quad" = 7grams
    -1/2 or Half O = 14 grams
    -1 ounce = 28 grams

    thats some of the main things you should know, i will post more some other time.

    edit: damn, nochowderforyou beat me :(
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    First of all, welcome to! Second of all, welcome to the world of Mary Jane!

    Marijuana has quite a few nicknames, it takes some getting used to all the lingo, and the lingo changes wherever you are. You might hear things like blazing, toking, hell some people even call it burning.

    As for joints, I've had bad use with cigarette paper, just use joint paper. Also, don't use cigarette filters for the roach of the joint, that filters out THC (which is basically the crystals on the weed that's getting you fucked). It's about 2 bucks for a pack of 50 papes. The ammount of weed to use in a joint is up to you! For myself, I tend to put about 1 gram or more in my joints, you may prefer more or less.

    Watch yourself for sketchy dealers, if you're worried about parents or anything, go to the store and grab yourself some Clear Eyes or Visine which is eye spray to clear red eyes. Body spray and hand sanatizer can be useful as well to get rid of the smell.

    Prices also varry depending on where you live. Usually 10 bucks a gram unless you're looking for the nice bud. All prices change, there's a website (that I can't find right now, hopefully someone else posts it) that'll tell you how much it costs on average in your area.

    You can use a tobacco pipe if you want, it might be kind of harsh. There's PLENTLY of ways to smoke up... Bongs, joints, blunt, pipes, spoons, bubblers, gravity bongs, and vaporizers is a start. There's tutorials all over these forums to learn how to roll, it's fairly simple once you get the hang of it!

    Anyway, welcome to the green team, current ammount of members: 3 billion :Rasta:
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    Aesome replies so far guys, thank you. Another question, the roach is just w/e you use to keep from inhaling the weed right? I've seen people use just pieces of bent up paper (So that it looks like a spring \/\/\ ) and put it in the end. I've also seen people bend the end of it so that it looks kind of like =-====== so that there is just a little hole you can see through. Can anyone verify this kind of thing?

    Also, you said don't buy ground cannabis and only get it in buds? What exactly would I have to do to it to smoke it if I got it in buds (and what do they look like compared to ground)?
  6. IllusionalFate

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    You can see what buds look like in the Cannabis Pictures section, there's plenty of pics there, and most are of unground cannabis.

    When you get the buds, you should break them up into small pieces (you may want to get a grinder to make it easier), then pack them into the bowl. Depending on how your going to consume the cannabis, you may have to break it up to different sized pieces:

    1) If your going to cook with it, it needs to be very fine, almost a powder.
    2) bong/pipe/bubbler; to the size of small pebbles
    3) joints/blunts; about twice as fine as bongs/pipes, but it doesn't need to be as fine as when cooking, just grind it up real good.

    Also, remove all stems, seeds, and as many leaves as possible from the bud before you grind/pack it. The bud is the only THC-rich part of the plant and the other parts will just taste bad and contain more tar.

    Edit: My avatar is a great reference to use to see what unground buds look like.
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    the roach is just the end of the joint. some people put a filter in like you showed, some people just close off the end altogether, it's not really that important, just make it so when you inhale, no weed gets sucked into your mouth
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    ok a roach is there one so the joint doesnt dissolve in you mouth and two to not inhale the weed like you said you use a bud grinder to grind up the bud or if you dont have a grinder just use some sheers to cut her up. And DONT SMOKE THE STEMS OR SEEDS!!! very important if you smoke the seeds which are the little seeds in the bud (duh) if fucking reaks havok on you lungs and the stems are the woody bits in the ground up. have fun and here are some links to show how to make bongs and stuff.

    but make sure to make the inside of the pen insulated with tin foil because if the pen melts the gases are hella know what maybe you should just stick with the tobacco pipe just to be safe. haha.
  9. statechamp3

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  10. dude there's so much to learn about marijauna and the culture... it's just shit you have to pick up over the years, and things change, and often... so we may tell you something, and 3 months from now, no one may even be using that terminology...

    sorry to say it, but mostly everything is things you ahve to learn from experience, i can tell you this, if you're getting a 1/4 for 30, it's more than likely schwagg, but even that's steep, i pay 20 for a 1/4 which is schwagg prices, but usually the bud is mids, so at best you'd hope to get mids. which isn't bad... either way welcome to the wonderful world we all share... don't be afraid to be a 'noob' we all were at some point... i've been in this culture for 8 years now, still dont' know even half of what there is to know, mostly what i'm missing in knowledge tho ties to growing... but wtihin the next couple of years, i bet i make up on that side big time, i plan on starting my first 'real' grow soon (my first actual grow, was just me throwing some seeds in some soil and growing under a single flourescent light)
  11. Pshamous

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    dude nevermind about the dissolveing thing completely fucked up when i made that comment but all the other shit is good :)
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  13. The Trickster

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    Thats a good website to read up on before you start smoking, tell you how to roll a joint, a blunt, how to make pipes, the like. I recommend making or using a pipe for your first few times smoking, until you get high. Rolling joints takes quite a bit of practice. Also, some people dont get high they're first time, It might take a few tries, so even if it doesnt work, keep trying! No one is immune to cannabis. And be a little bit careful, dont over do it, some people have bad or difficult experiences they're first time with cannabis if they use too much. Also, dont try cooking with it until youve smoked it several times, it can be a much more intense experience.

    I dont know if youve ever smoked anything before, but make sure you inhale. You should be able to take a drag/hit off of your bowl/joint and be able to open your mouth without any smoke escaping. When I smoke, I suck the smoke into my mouth, then open my mouth a bit and inhale heavily, then exhale after several seconds.

    30 dollar a quarter is a good price, even if it schwag. Schwag is good enough for a first few times smokin.

    General terms for marijuana in general : Bud, Green, Ganja, Marijuana
    High Quality marijuana : Chronic, kb, kind bud, kine bud, fire
    Mid Quality : Middies, mid's
    Low Quality : Schwag, dirt
    Sensimellia : Seedless marijuana
    Bud's : The flowers of the hemp plant, grow only on females. Are the part of the plant that gets you high.
    Shake: Ground up marijuana.
    Bowl: Has a lot of meanings, in the sentance "Pack another bowl man!" A bowl is the part of a pipe or bong that hold the marijuana. A bowl can also be a marijuana pipe.
    Bong: Water pipe used to smoke marijuana

    :D Hope that helped you man, welcome to the sweet world of mary jane.
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    dont buy shake... just sayin
  15. JohnGalt

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    Thanks for all the replys so far guys!

    I had another question. Should what I buy really suck, I was thinking about making hash oil using splifted's guide (I'll have all of the stuff if I finally get the weed). Any opinions?

    Also, is it possible I could just put the oil on a knife blade or spoon, keep a lighter going, and just act like a crackhead for a few minutes?
  16. wanna get into making hash oil for your first time??
    aww i'd rather just try and smoke it at least once
    and its more simple lol
  17. slpntrx5

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    here's how to make your basic homemade pipe:

    1. take a 2-3 inch square of tin foil and a bic pen

    2. wrap the foil around your finger and then slide it down until there's about 1/2 to 1 inch of foil still around your finger

    3. take the bic apart and take out the skinny ink cartridge

    4. push the cartridge into the foil "tube" until you can feel it against your finger

    5. squish the foil down around the cartridge

    the end result should look like this:


    6. fill the larger part with your herb, and, keeping the pipe upright (so you dont spill your jane), smoke it up! lol

    and if you're worried about smell, a shirt change, some axe and a little mouthwash should take care of most of it
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  18. memoryburner

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    Just do what I did my first time. Can pipe. Heres some instructions.

    The Amazing Can-Pipe

    Materials:Empty can, Weed, Lighter, Knife, finger, mouth
    Instructions: 1. Remove tab from can. 2. Compress one side of can. 3. use knife to make a decent sized hole in the side, near the indentation. 4. poke small holes into indentation...not too many though. 5. Place weed over holes. 6. put finger on hole in the side. 7. put mouth on drinking hole. 8.spark lighter and hold flame on weed. 9. inhale. 10. remove finger from hole. 11. exhale. 12. repeat steps 5-11.
  19. AlwaysBlazed

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    Oh god please no, not even worth getting high anymore. Back in camp when I had no papes and none of the counselours let us borrow their pieces (sadly we couldnt bring our own since it was hard enough just hiding weed) we would use a can. I smoked almost every night and I hates it. I have to admit though, it got me ripped :thumbsup:
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