Complete Smoking Noob here. Looking for any and all help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by JohnGalt, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. memoryburner

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    I know. I hate using a can. But I have a piece now and I would only use a can as a last resort. But before i had a piece, all I could use were cans
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    :Rasta: If its your first time too, idk bout other people but it happened to me and my friends. The first time i smoked bud, 4 years ago, still rember the day, we smoked and i felt a buz well determined to get baked the next night i bought a bag(an 8th) and smoked it all. NOt nowing the powerfull affects of marijuana and not getting high the first time i was not prepared for it and freaked out. So if your first bowl doesnt get u high, wiat an hour let that bowl sink and and proceed to smoke more bowls and become extremly high
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    Yeah, I'm sure you could. Just heat it from the bottom and use a straw to inhale the vapor. It can be smoked right off the foil, but that isn't reccomended, because foil is ewwww. Its not really "oil" so much as it is sticky goo, so its hard to move around once you make it, it tends to just want to stick to stuff. But you could just rub another bud in it and smoke that if all else fails. :thumbsup:

    Ps: Even with shitty weed, this being your first time, you should look like this :stoned: If not, be careful with that hash oil, one hit even gets me high, and I smoke all day every day. Not saying don't try it, but be prepared to be trashed :dance:
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    Sounds like you're buying schwag or mids at best. Save up and buy some danky dank and smoke it in some glassy glass. =]
  5. JohnGalt

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    Tp splifted: Both :stoned: and :dance: is good :)

    Also, aside from not exactly being sophisticated and slightly white trashy, what's wrong with a can pipe?
  6. memoryburner

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    You get less of a hit...and they kinda take away the taste.
  7. JohnGalt

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    Okay, so can pipes kind of suck eh?

    Someone was asking if you could smoke lined paper, and it sounded like it was bad for you. However, what about plain printer paper? If not, I can prolly bum some rolling papers off of a friend, but since he's my connection to the dealer, I'm not sure if I want to pester him anymore.

    Also, should the paper thing not be a good idea, anyone have an opinion on homemade waterfall bongs?
  8. Frivolous248

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    Pipes do not suck.

    PLEASE do not use anything other than rolling paper for joints. Theres SO many ways to smoke it, that its really pointless to use any paper other than rolling paper. Waterfall bongs rock, if you wanna make one, go for it. However I suggest making a normal gravity bong. You don't have to fill it up each time, much easier to deal with and works just as good. that should give you a good idea how to make it and how it works.

    I wouldn't bother making hash oil, hash, or anything. You are still new, and weed itself is perfectly fine for getting stoned.

    Make sure you inhale right, if you use a gravity bucket this will make sure. Don't bother holding your hits any longer than 5 seconds.

    Good luck and have fun! :Rasta:
  9. Splifted

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    Yeah, can pipes are bad. Smoking aluminum = teh no no! If you absolutely must make a pipe, make one out of an apple or something. Those were always my favorites. Or make a pipe using hardware. Use a socket as a bowl. If you have a deep socket, you can even use it as a straight up pipe.

    Printer paper is bad as well. Much too thick. And it won't stick together. Just pick of a pack of papers from a gas station, they're like a dollar tops. If you can't roll a joint, you can roll one using a dollar bill as a rolling machine.

    Dollar bill joint rolling:

    Break your weed up and take out all stems and seeds. Holding your dollar bill so its longer up and down than wide ( like this || instead of =) put your weed all in the dollar bill. Pinch it in half around the weed, and roll the dollar up and down around the weed using your thumb and forefinger until you feel it kinda turn into a round cylinder. Don't squeeze it too tight though, or it won't hit at all.

    After you get it rolled down, should only take a couple up down movements, roll the part of the dollar bill that is closest to you all the way down until you can see the weed. Put the joint paper in between the farthest part of the dollar bill and the weed, with the sticky side up facing you. Using your thumbs, roll the front part of the bill back up which should pull the joint paper down in and start to wrap it around the weed. Go ahead and lick the gummed part (lick it from the back of the paper, don't ever lick the gum directly cause you can lick it all off) then finish rolling the dollar bill up all the way. It should end up with a perfectly rolled joint. If there is any excess paper on either side, simply twist it closed and bite one end where you get a little hole and light the other end.

    Easiest way to roll a joint, its kinda hard to do with your hands the first few times you try, and a dollar works just as good as one of those rolling machines.

    If you got any questions about how exactly to do it, ask and I'll try and clear it up.
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    man i dont knw why you people think that pipes are bad your fucking crazy damn they are the shit but if you want something to smoke out of that is than the pipe get a hooka man youll be so blown that you wont be able to walk
  11. pu ekot

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    The easiest way, by far, is with a water bottle pipe. I have tried apples, sockets, cans, basically everything homemade, this is the easiest and best for beginners.

    Whether aluminum foil is bad for you is a hot topic, but everyone can agree that smoking out of it ONCE will NOT have any adverse effects.

    Take a water bottle, throw away the cap.
    Rip off the label, melt/cut a hole where the label used to be for your mouth. Take a small piece of tin foil, press it into the top of the bottle so it forms a nice bowl, and around the edges, so it will stick well.
    Poke little holes in the tin foil with a pin or toothpick
    Break up the weed and put it in the foil bowl
    Inhale and burn the weed ;)

    In the illustration:

    Trust me this is the best way for newbies.

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    This has been my pipe since 1972 there is no better.


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