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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by ipodguy, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. ipodguy

    ipodguy Registered+

    ok guys bear with me here,
    I was at work today and was stoned around lunchtime as usual. My buddy and I go to empty out the cardboard recycling at the compacter and we find 2 helium containers that were almost empty. After making funny high pitch voices, my co-worker comes up with an idea: what if you could vaporize weed, put it through a compressed air container and keep it contained for later use. They could make them in little cartridges like they do with CO2 and Nitrous.
    It sounded like a good idea at the time.
    does it sound too farfetched? :stoned:
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  2. smoke it

    smoke it Registered+

    ive heard with vaporizers, the fumes go into the bag, and after about 10 minutes, they dont work anymore.
  3. 666300

    666300 Registered+

    Yea i've thought of that before, storing smoke. It doesn't seem like it would work though.
  4. Buddha Man

    Buddha Man Registered+

    yeah ive tried storing smoke in a water bottle. it actually lasts in the bottle for about 2 or 3 minutes then it just dissapears
  5. Frank_The_Tank

    Frank_The_Tank Registered+

    i dont think he means smoke but the steam vapor that comes off weed when it get heated. I think it would work man but they would probably be costly cause they would hav to be mass produced in far away places where weed was legal. Nice idea tho i think it is cool and plausible
  6. User Name Here

    User Name Here Registered+

    I've thought about that. You could even sneak toke and have one like a inhaler. My god that would be great. You could wear it around you're neck, and say you where a severely asthmatic. And just toke every once and a while.
  7. Jimbob1310

    Jimbob1310 Registered+

    i love that idea, bumping your rep for that one.
  8. five0addict

    five0addict Registered+

    all the rest are forgetting that thc is sticky, so sticky that its out of the smoke almost instantly.

    if you were to able to vaporize thc and cbn in a burst like a inhaler..
    aint gonna happen :Rasta:
  9. affasd

    affasd Registered+

    ya that would be sweet a mini vap powered by battery or soemthing and you could load up like a half gram or something and a lttile before you wanna take the hit you turn it on so it heats up the you pretend to use the inhaler lol.
  10. Abattoir Dream

    Abattoir Dream Registered+

    no way could you do that... just get a damn vape and use that...
  11. ipodguy

    ipodguy Registered+

    haha, i dont wanna take credit for my friends idea but i thought it was plausible
    when i have used my friends volcano the smoke just sits there so i always wondered what would happen if you compressed it somehow and stored it but i never wanted to waste any weed with this expirement so if anyone wants to donate a nug to this cause....:D
  12. five0addict

    five0addict Registered+

    i just had an idea. if you had a hand pump and connected the intake to a bowl and pump into a tank, then inhale the smoke right away.
    be like a tank bong or something. sounds cool
  13. orangeman

    orangeman Banned

    Oh my God. If something like that was invented I'd pay a fortune for it lol.
  14. 1chronic

    1chronic Registered+

    I would too!
  15. O. G. ganja smoker

    O. G. ganja smoker Registered+

    in the vap tho i heard it only lasts like 7 hours in the bag but smoke wont
  16. rebgirl420

    rebgirl420 Registered+

    sounds like a job for the mythbusters haha
  17. Abattoir Dream

    Abattoir Dream Registered+

    thats actually a good idea... see how long smoke lasts, and if that doesnt work, vapour... they would never do it with weed though, so the results would be useless..
  18. ipodguy

    ipodguy Registered+

    yeah, sounds like a good expirement though
    ill email mythbusters and see if they respond

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