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Discussion in 'Closet / Cabinet Growing' started by killakali, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. killakali

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    I was wondering if I could use computer fans for ventilation in a 4x6x6 clostet. I've seen some rated as high as 300cfm. My logic tells me "why not". So guys...why not?
  2. netdog

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    No reason why not, they are ventilation fans after all ment for ventilating heat.

    They don't seem to hold their CFM rating against much of a load though, so you want to keep a pretty free flowing air source and exhaust.. Much like a computer case does..

    I'm using a pair of 95cfm 120mm fans right now, i know they aren't moving 95cfm each as I have some restriction in my intake and exhaust but they are doing the job fine. Best part is they are 12v DC so you can wire them up easily with a little DC adapter from Radio shack.

    Just look at the current rating on the DC adapter, if it's say a 1500ma then it'll run two .75a fans. 1amp for every 1000ma the adapter puts out.
  3. texas grass

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    in my experiences pc style fans are alot louder and dont push air through as good.
    i would recommend atleast getting a booster inline fan from home depot for about 25 bucks and a $5 wirable extention cord and your all setup. and its also easier to hook up your exhaust hose and lightproof.

    good luck on it all
  4. SyKo

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    If your going to use computer fans, i really like the ones from Thermaltake called smart fans they have a speed adjuster and a sensor so you can keep them on low nice and quiet then when they detect more heat (i think the range is around 68F to 130 F) they ramp up the speed by themsleves.Thier real cheap too like 10 bucks.For a small area they would work just fine.I onced used them in a small wardrobe grow and they did great
    as for your closet i would have to agree with the inline fan although if it was quiet enough.
  5. MedicineIsGood

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    I actually just ordered 2 of the thermaltake 120mm fans earlier today!
  6. SyKo

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    Cool you will like them, i used a 1500millaamp universal 12 volt power supply i bought at radio shack to run 2 of them fans, or you can just use a computer power supply.
  7. greenatik

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    I am growing inside plastic bins from target and use 4 coolermaster fans 2 on each side (intaking/exhausting) and they move some serious air, sometimes even too much

  8. greenatik

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    oh and also - i use to build computers so i had a lot of parts laying around and I just hooked up all the fans to a power supply - you have to short out one of the plugs (ask if u want more info on this) coming from the power supply to get it to operate w/o computer
  9. the image reaper

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    go to 'coolerguys', their website has excellent 110-volt computer fans, eliminates need for a convertor, already wired up ... I've run a couple almost constantly last couple years, no probs ... my new one is 110cfm, if I remember right :thumbsup:

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