Confirmation of overwatering (pics)

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by MrPlatypus, Oct 22, 2006.

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    Ok, after going through the boards I think I am just over watering these 2 week old babies and I need to let them dry out for a week. The temp is good between 75 and 82, the ph is about 6.3 and I have been feeding half to quarter strength nutes. Been watering every 2-3 days I think I need to make it more like every 5 days. anyone have any suggestions. I am a new newb grower and this is my first.

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    Id hold off on the nutes for awhile. Also place each plant in its own pot before they get too big. Other than that keep up the good work.
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    never fertilize seedlings until they are 2 weeks old ... they are already carrying what they need in their cotyldons (first two round leaves) ... adding anything will slow the growth, and potentially burn up the seedlings ... :smokin:
  4. MrPlatypus

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    I will hold off on nutes and just give plain water. What id making me think it is over watering is the twisted leaves and the culing edges. They look a little strange and deformed. I saw another pic of curling leaves like mine and that problem was over watering as well. Question how dry should the soil be before you water? Is every 3 days to much?
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    The soil is regular potting soil, 0.1 0.1, 0.1. I have Ocean Forest soil, and I was thinking about repotting all seedlings in that soil, in their own pots. I I only have one pt with two seedlings, those two I will pit in their own. I have heard that Ocean Forest soil is a little to hot.
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    I would just mist then about 2 or3 times aday.That way the soil will be mosit
    and can dry out faster.The sec.pix looks like the soil is too wet?
  7. evol

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    Similar problem

    My buddy's plants look just like the pictures you posted in your first post, except they are curling the upwards rather than downwards. Here's the situation:

    We have 10 seedlings, 10 days old. All were germinated using the paper towel method with great success. Planted in Foxfarm Ocean Forest Mix, all 10 seeds were started (and still remain) in 2"x2" starter cups. I have fed no nutes at all (Foxfarm Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom, Open Sesame, Cha Ching, and Beastie Bloomz waiting for use) The seedling cups are sitting in a 4" deep rubbermaid container(to keep them off the floor) under my master bathroom countertop unter a 96W Sun System New Wave CFL light(4 bulb setup/24hrs on) about 6" away from plants. I have an Ionic Breeze setup approx 2ft outside the room with a 1ft. recirc. fan on the floor about 10ft away running 24/7. The room temps are 79 F and humidity stays between 40-45%. All plants are from AK-48 seeds through Nirvana. I am currently watering with 1oz of distilled water (ph'ed to 6.7 w/ only Cal-Mag added) once every 24 hours

    I am worried because we started Blueberry seeds from same source about two months ago in Foxfarm soil (red bag), and the same thing started happening. When the second set of leaves formed they were all mutated (ridged on one side smooth on the other/deformed and spindly/etc.) and the plants died four weeks into veg.

    I refuse to let this happen again, as so far this grow is going great. I don't want to add nutes yet as I know it is still too early. We have 10-4"x4" pots as well as 4-2 gallon pots to tranplant to when needed.

    Is it time to transplant to 4" pots? Are we over/under watering? Time to add nutes? Is his bathroom not sanitary enough(BTW we washed the bathroom top to bottom with bleach before we started)?

    Any help appreciated---DON'T LET OUR BABIES DIE!!!!

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