Connecticut charging $100 per gram for concentrates, street names for drugs not approved?!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Dispensary' started by Kyofox, Sep 15, 2016.

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    over here in CT, sick people are struggling to afford their medicine and cannot even find the strains that they need for their sickness, the names have to be approved by the CT DCP, and it is confusing for the customer. on top of that, prices are ridiculous, they dropped the prices of flower but now concentrates are the highest in the nation!!

    we need to convert our own strain names in the middle of the shops while there's sick people waiting in lines!

    things are crazy over here. we also don't have an initiative process to vote marijuana into legality recreationally, even though most residents who live here, are actually strongly in favor of it! our severely sick people are draining their bank accounts monthly on overpriced cannabis extracts sold for triple profit!
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