Constructing an Outdoor Stealth Grow-box...Help!

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by seriousone, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Hey all, I hope all is well!

    I am looking into constructing a stealth grow box in which I can subtley have on my flat roof, where it will appear more like a very small water-collector, or an extension of the tin roof or something.

    I have to do this as there is no other place I can put the plants..It is the only place receiving all day sunlight. For now I have 6 seedlings which are 2cm-3cm high at the moment on the roof, and two other plants which have been under someone elses hydro light for the last few weeks to get them going.

    I have to bring this hydro-started plants home today and it's immediately going to be too tall and could easily become aware of by the neighbours or passer-by.

    I have been thinking. I am growing 6 here, have 2 hydro-started ones, and am germinating more still.. Of course that would require a pretty large area usually..But would it be possible to grow, say, 4 female plants in a diameter of about 1 - 1.5 meters and a depth of only about half a meter (or less if possible).

    With this concept, couldn't I tie down the plants together into one super-dense bush of marijuana growing in a small, less than half a meter deep, plot, so that they would never grow taller than the half a meter or less tall tin-bin which i'd construct them put them in.

    if 4 plants is too much, perhaps 2?

    Please help any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Time is certainly of the essence.
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    Okay I have made a small amount of progress.

    I found information about LST - Low Stress Training.


    Some thoughts on this plan I have drawn up here would be great.. It does seem like ~20cm deep soil (7.8inches) isn't that deep, but combined with a square space of roughly 75cm x 35cm..would that house 2 plants fine? affect yield?

    I'd really like something like this to be able to work..

    Initially I would think that because the small plants have a perimeter around 10cm high above it, then hopefully I can start a good coil going so they don't grow taller than the 20cm extra height there will be after I put the soil in...But at those initial stages will shadowing be an issue? at midday the sun would hit it all fine but as it moves I would imagine it could become a problem.

    As you can see I couldn't fill in the rest of the coiled stems with green leaves/foilage without it becoming too confusing to see what I mean....But in reality, with the leaves and green on the stems, would it all be too beefy and hard to manage..or is it actually quite managable?

    thanks all...
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    LOL... dont quit your day job dude... after that messes up you're gonna have to go back to buyin bud man that idea wont work unless you've grown a shit ton and plus buds that are 10 cm tall wet are about 5 cm tall dry so you'd only get like a twenty bag out of it if you're really gonna keep it "stealth" just go indoors or go home..
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    How can you be starting outdoor plants now? What area do you live in? usually it is harvest time around now.

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