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Discussion in 'Recipes' started by JacksonB, May 30, 2006.

  1. JacksonB

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    i need to make something edible, for two. i have no idea what i'm doing & how much to use. what's the most efficient method? i was thinking of like a couple muffins....but i just read another thread with crackers & cheese. but eating the leaves doesnt seem very appetizing (she wont go for it). so i thought of simmering some in oil for muffins or something...but idea how much to use.

    sry for being such a newb - help is much appreciated.
  2. halo

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    Hmm. I know a kid named Jackson whose last name begins with a B. Do u happen to live in Kansas City?
  3. Rahne

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    try makin cannabutter
    then you can use it in whatever you want that consist somehow of butter:)
    muffins will be good cuz you're usin melted butter

    as I think recipe for cannabuter is somewhere below.

    good luck bwoi:)
  4. JacksonB

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    sry, that's not me brudda.

    thx. the problem is, i have no idea on how much to use. i mean, like the ratio of what it takes for a buzz when smoked to the amount it takes to get a buzz when injesting. i mean, i'm a lightweight, if i pack my one hitter tight i'm good for the evening - do i cook that same small amount in butter for one muffin?
  5. EminEM1

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    try making a couple of weed coffees. I dunno how to do it though

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