Cooking With Vaporized Bud

Discussion in 'Recipes' started by skanking1121, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. skanking1121

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    Okay... now I've seen several other posts about doing this and found out that it works. That's gnarly, but I don't have any idea of what my ratio should be. As of now, I've got about 110g of some vapped goodies and I WANNA EAT WITH IT! :) I wanna make them pretty strong (about what a 3 bowls would feel) if that makes any sense haha. Just let me know please cause I'm hungry!!! Hahahaha
  2. 40oz

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    Isnt't all the THC heated out of the Vaped bud? Isn't that what makes it Vaped bud instead of bud?

    So do you really need a recipe to cook worthless bud?
  3. skanking1121

    skanking1121 Registered+

    Well technically, all of the THC isn't extracted. Supposidly, only 60-75% of the THC is used during the vaporizing process. Since it doesn't physically burn the bud, the actual THC in the plant is still in it. Also, with my goods, I didn't fully vap my shit. Leaving it with even more, I was also intending to put some actual bud in it as well. So.... yup
  4. xcrispi

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    I use about an oz. of vapo duff to a pkg of brownies .
    I make cana butter out of it instead of using oil like the brownie mix calls for . I don't put the duff in the mix either I strain it , squeeze all the butter out of the remains .

    40oz. is all wet too , If it's done right and not overheated / burnt it works .

    Crispi :jointsmile:
  5. skanking1121

    skanking1121 Registered+

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet... Thanks xcrispi. I'll be cookin this weekend :) Have a good one peeps!
  6. 40oz

    40oz Registered+

    well ok then
  7. GrowMe

    GrowMe Registered+

    Let us know how it goes!! IVe been wanting to cook with my vape leftovers so let me know how your ratio works and what method you used. Thanks!!!!
  8. skanking1121

    skanking1121 Registered+

    Hahaha well my slow and unproductive ass hasn't actually gotten around to it yet hahaha but deffinatly plan to. And when I do, I'll be sure to post how they went. Thanks again for those numbers
  9. skanking1121

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    Alright. So this was my first time actually trying to make cannabis butter, and on top of that, used vaporized bud :) Anywho, the experiment looks like it worked perfect.

    I used 4 oz, and 1lb of butter and recieved about 4 sticks back. My numbers might be a little of probably because I was a little sleep deprived and totally floatin haha :Rasta: One more question though...

    Haven't made my brownies yet because I have yet one more question, if the mix asks for the vegitable oil (1/2 cup), how much in comparrison to butter is that?

    And as promised, the pics. Only took three of them because I kept forgeting to re-take more :Rasta: Anywho, here they are...

    Supprisingly, the vapped goods actually changed back to green. Orginally it was green duuhhh but after it was vapped, turned light brownish. The butter didn't actually turn green until I put in the fridge and let it to begin to settle. But yeah, thanks again guys and I'll be sure to let you know how they taste :)

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  10. darkside

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    im curious to see how potent they are. im saving up my vaped ganja for some brownies. xcrispi- how potent are your brownies? how many do you need to eat?
  11. skanking1121

    skanking1121 Registered+

    I only need to eat one with maybe a bag out of your vap just to get things startin good :thumbsup: My friends and I agreed that they were pretty good for using vapped bud. I'd like to use two zips of vapped bud per package of brownie mix (like the betty crocker or whatever it is) It'll get the trick done just fine with one but, hey, why not more right?
  12. daihashi

    daihashi Registered+

    xcrispi.. I'm curious how good your cannabutter is with vaped weed. I always toss mine out as I figured it was all used up. Should I be saving this?
  13. StickyfingahZ

    StickyfingahZ Registered+

    Ive cooked with vaped bud and it does work,When I make butter,I dont throw out the cooked herb,I keep it(its been blended into a fine powder) but with vaped bud,I strain it.
  14. daihashi

    daihashi Registered+

    I just made some butter with regular bud.. not vaped. Should I let this dry out and keep it/vape it up?

    Will it work like that as well?
  15. StickyfingahZ

    StickyfingahZ Registered+

    I dont it all ground up?
    I have the vapolution Vaporizer and you cant grind up the weed....well you could but it would be hard to keep it in the bowl.
  16. greenlife

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    go to google and type in Pot on the second link, the applesoft one. I used this method with 14 g's of already been vaped bud...two brownies and I was really stoned for hours. The only smell in my house was like fried popcorn and it lasted awhile...

    I use a candy thermometer in the oil while the bud is simmering and make sure its at like 350-370 so as not to burn anything and still extract all the goodness thats left.

    anyone ever try letting it sit for a day in a crock pot?, I hear that works well.

    I only vape my bud at around 340F so there's still some goodness left in it.
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  17. melodious fellow

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    I believe what we are actually trying to extract are the high-heat cannabinoids that did not vaporize at the temps we used to vape our bud the first time.

    I am assuming those who had good results with vaped-bud edibles were using very dank seedless to begin with...?

    Would this process be worth it if the original erb is mids or schwag, as there is so little potency to begin with...?

    I wonder if vaping the weed before making edibles acts as a decarboxilation process to increase the potency and convert remaining THCA and other cannabinoids into THC...?

  18. grumio

    grumio Registered+

    I made some butter with an ounce of dried fan leaves (which had been somewhat worked over by wee bugs to boot) & a half oz of vapopoo, into 8 oz butter, with water, low-heat slow cooker, ~3 hours, 2 water bath washes.

    Had no idea what to expect. I'd been using butter from a couple of LA dispensaries & a tablespoon of that was a sort of baseline medium dose, so I tried a tablespoon of this stuff (on toast). I didn't get to too high, but I could see too high from where I was.

    Trouble is, I don't know where most of the potency came from. I suspect from the vapopoo, which was all good bud, toasty but not scorched.

    If you vape, do this. Take a look at Stinky Attic's clean cannabutter thread.
  19. Revanche21

    Revanche21 Registered+

    I do 28 grams of 'burnt' and stems

    I use half of the cookie mix bags you can buy at the grocery store.

    they are 'average' at that strength (at least for me, you need to find what is good for you)
  20. skanking1121

    skanking1121 Registered+

    Shouldn't matter on you quality of herb. You could try just adding more vapped schwag buds and yeah, just add more to it haha. Move everything up one step more than you would normally, and it's pretty hard to fuck up... As long as your'e near your pot and you can stir or whatever, you should be just fine :Rasta:

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