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    For all you Canadians out there now legalization is just around the corner I found this website called microgrown they allow a grower who has a small batch grow or Elite strains to post their product for free and then you can drop ship to patients that order I think it's a great idea and since I'm a small-time small batch grower I thought this was a excellent site to Showcase some of the products.

    I would suggest anyone Canada who has good product and would like a venue to share the love take a look at this site I think it's free to post they do local delivery and Canada wide delivery so if you don't live with in there boundaries you would drop ship any orders you have for mail order and if your local they have a delivery person that takes care of things for you the nice thing about this is that patients get from grower to your home. No one else touches the product. This way prices are kept cheap even for delivery.

    Check it out it's a cool idea no?
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