COPS outside my house. Some thoughtful advice please.

Discussion in 'Legal' started by macnasty, Jul 21, 2009.

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    It's 5:30 in the morning, my gf has arrived home, she sees a cop car with 2 cops outside my house, parked on the road. One cop was 'searching the yard' (her words) of the neighbours with his flashlight, and I'm not sure what the other was up to. This is the second time only that I've seen the cops on this street, and both incidents I was arguably involved. I suspect they may have been searching through garbage looking for evidence, as today is garbage day. I leave absolutely nothing incriminating in my garbage, and bring no suspicious characters to my house. And just 2 weeks ago, as I was pulling out of my street in the car, a cop who had been turning INTO my street as I was pulling out did a 3-point and followed me for about 10 minutes, for no apparant reason. The fear is mounting, and I plan on a career dealing with children in the near future.

    I enjoy growing very much, more so every day, but as my enjoyment increases the fear of losing this pleasure seems to intensify. Does anyone have some helpful advice pertaining to Canadian Law, so that I may comfort myself with at least this knowledge? Preferably law in Ontario. I am almost entirely ignorant as to what constitutes a lawful acquisition of a warrant in this country. It seems that I am more aware of US law than Canadian when it comes to this, as the majority of posts relating to my topic deal with the laws pertaining to my southern brothers and sisters.

    My operation is small and for personal use, except that I use the most powerful of lights; a single 1000W HID. Any meaningful advice to help ease my mind would be very much appreciated. I am considering smashing the whole thing to pieces...all that hard work and priceless enjoyment. Thanks...:(
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    get'm out as stealthy as you can, if they have that make-a-dog-bark itch, they'll go for a scratch or two.. dont risk it to wishful thinking, an oz of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure
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    thanks sheist, but the advice I'm looking for is more legal than intuitive, which was what you just gave me. I'm sorry, I should have been more clear in my original post, but I'm asking any law savvy posters if they could give me some useful legal resources pertaining to canadian law, especially as it relates to the acquisition of a warrant in the province of ontario. thanks again.
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    Another poster gave you the solution to your problem, take them out until the heat goes down, and your response is "No, what I want is a way(a trick, a technicality, a loop) to evade the law and laugh at it."

    You said you want to work with kids, an MJ bust will surely affect that negatively, and what if you get jail time? but your willing to risk it instead of just going the safe route for a couple months until the cops go away.

    Whats wrong with us?
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    Try This Link

    Try ^^^^ and pick your country and city and it will give you the laws for where you live.
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    ^^^ cool link! :greenthumb: :Rasta:

    "Come in from the cold my brothers." :stoned: :smokin: :D
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    Nice link :jointsmile:

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    yeah the link is cool
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    Does not sound good at all man, if i were you id stick the plants right down the garbage disposl with the water running full blast.
    Take all the growing stuff down and apart and store for at least 6 months.
    Better to be safe than sorry, you can live free to grow another day.
    Or you can go to jail.
  10. macnasty

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    good lookin out friends. i appreciate it, and have decided to take leave of my precious hobby for the time being. a vacation of indefinite length. hope to chill with y'all sooner than later again though. peace.
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    if you are just growing a SINGLE plant, how would the cops know about it? is it in the window or something?

    who are you telling about this?

    when i grew, NOBODY, not a single soul knew of the operation other than myself. some people like to tell people they grow and word spreads, and cops get involved. but a single plant should not be attracting police attention unless they've flown a chopper over your house and seen large amounts of heat coming from inside at odd hours
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  13. Skihigh

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    Shows how little I know...I thought MJ was legal up there.
  14. veggii

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    ps: you should move before you startup again !! preferably far enough away from those coppers , as they got your # and will get you! move buddy,, move as far as you can as fast as you can run man run before they get you :jointsmile:
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    YEA quit being a subject of the queen (look it up) and blow that backwards country:thumbsup:.They may call you a canadain, but your just a subject of that old bitch she own you! :wtf:Take your skills and move were thell do the best! Spain so nice this time of the year,:D and last time i checked no spainish people were going to jail,:stoned: OH that right its legal there too! :thumbsup:enjoy! I see a big move in your future!, lol! peace and POT!,sees.:pimp:
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    You're just a little paranoid, don't worry. You live in Ontario, man. I'm willing to bet someone within a 2 mile radius of your home is currently growing over 50 lbs in his locked-off basement.. for profit. You're a small fry, they're not going to be busting down your door anytime soon.
  17. MPLSweedman

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    if a task force raided my house for a single plant i would probably fall on the floor laughing, those idiots think they are doing such a huge service to the community, but 99% of growers i know are harmless, and if they are bustin down doors for one plant, then either they are completely on top of their game or are working off terrible information

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