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Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Homesickblues, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. Homesickblues

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    I can't really roll that well and i don't have a bong so I searched this site to see if you can use a $5 corn cob pipe from a drug store. Do you need to drill a hole in the side for a carb or can you just take it right out of the packaging and use it? :)
  2. Homesickblues

    Homesickblues Registered+

    Thanx for the quick reply i appreciate it, but i have one more question. Do you need a pipe screen? I heard u need a screen some where but i wasnt sure if that was right. :thumbsup:
  3. herostyle

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    sometimes. I have one but my friend doesnt and its fine.
  4. Frivolous248

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    lol, pipes come ready to smoke out of! If you can smoke tobacco out of it, you can toke weed out of it.

    I've used one a time or two, they aren't too bad, but the plastic piece I found was a bit...squeezed together too much, so you had to inhale hard. It was my friends though, so there might have been a lot of resin blockage.
  5. 2600

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    WAIT! (too late I know)

    If you use a typical tobacco pipe from a drug store, you need to take the filter out! Take the stem off the bowl, and look down the shaft. You will see a white fuzzy stick. Take that shit OUT unless you want to spend money depositing thc in a filter.

    Otherwise, you'd be surprised at how much volume one of those things yields with a low pressure draw. In fact, I recommend something to use as a cap. The bowl is so huge, lots of dead smoke rolls off when you are not hitting it. Cap & Zap that inefficiency b/t hits.
  6. Captin

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    i dont think you're hardcore enough for a corncob pipe. Only the baddest motherfuckers smoke from corn cob pipes.
  7. SmokingPlatypus

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    The man's got a point.
  8. Mr.Tripper713

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    ive smoked outtave a corn cob pipe every single time ive gotten high for the past year...and its rocked every time
  9. mattersmostrecords

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    disposable wonder-pipes

    my first post...and sober...though the weekend quickly approaches.

    over the past two years i've become very well aquinted with with the corn cob pipe. i get them for under three dollers american. some form of screen in necessary unless you have enough smokey-smoke to fill 'er to the top. :D

    my favorite aspect of these devices are; they flush down the toilet if broken into three pieces.

    it's much easier to wave goodbye to a two dollar peice than a cherished item such as a glass.
  10. Homesickblues

    Homesickblues Registered+

    Watch it GUY! lol jk thanks for the info about the filter
  11. JerryGarcia

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    Like Neil Young!

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