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Discussion in 'Activism' started by rudy2010, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. rudy2010

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    I am hoping folks can use this thread to point to corporations who are contributing to the "war on marijuana".

    Last year a friend mentioned that he heard Snapple was donating to CAMP who use helicopters and terrorist tactics on ordinary citizens growing weed in California. Since then I have been boycotting all Snapple products even though I really like them.

    I am hoping someone can provide a list or reliable site that lists corporations who donate funds to fight marijuana. I would hate to spend money on products that may be used to sponser state terrorism against me or any other smokers of gods gift.
  2. gypski

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    DuPont, Forestry Products, Big Pharma, Plastic and chemical industries just to name a few. But they support the prohibition of both cannabis and hemp through contributions to legislators who fund the Drug policies and place their lackys in positions of power on the issue. :D
  3. TheSmokingMonkey

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    Alcohol producers... I heard that alcohol producers spend more on lobbying than they do on marketing... unsure if that can be verified, but...
  4. rudy2010

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    Thanks for responding. Dupont is not a surprising name to see. They have had dubious connections since WWII that I have heard of. I heard they supplied synthetic rubber (latex) to the nazi's because they did not have enough natural rubber for their vehicles. But I would like to get specific company names. Saying Forestry Products, Big Pharma, Plastic and chemical industries points folks in the right direction but is not that helpful in this endeavor. Do I need to boycott my local lumber mill in Northern CA. Plastic is way too general to boycott. What other products or companies are directly involved on the war on marijuana.

    As for TSMonkey. Alchohol! Now you really need to be way more specific with company and product names. I really prefer smoking and don't drink that often but I am not ready to boycott all alchohol products just yet.
  5. boaz

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    private prison corporations. try to boycott them. :D I think there is another thread that lists starbucks, and some others. I like this idea, epecially the snapple thing, who would have thought they were prohibs. :wtf:
  6. boaz

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    the prohib profiteers. :)
  7. personified

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    Christians against Christ and drug testing facilities.
  8. rudy2010

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    I am definitely against drug testing. I do make exception for testing pilots and the like.

    I think most of the companies just want to advertise a drug free environment and aren't really looking to weed out smokers. They usually perform minimal tests that can be passed using the info on the sticky or stuff from a head shop.

    Sort of evil but not exactly the evil corporation information I was hoping people would post here. Anyone have any examples of corporations contributing to the war on pot.
  9. Micsog

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  10. DreadedHermie

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    Dow Jones? That bastard! ;)
  11. DreadedHermie

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    You got a source more credible than that? Snapple's owned by Dr. Pepper...

    I'm down with the boycott thing, but let's hit the right pockets. This one's starting to smell like an urban legend. :glugglug:
  12. dshea241

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    I agree with DreadedHermie. No need to give up snapple if there is no evidence! Source your claims.
  13. rdrunner420

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    Budweiser, is one of the largest contributors to camp. Boycott all alcohol companies... they all are against MJ legalization.:jointsmile:

    Now that I remember, I heard about ten years ago that Snapple was involved in sponsoring camp. Considering that people are saying the same thing about Snapple ten years later makes me more confident in saying that they DO have some ties with camp or MJ eradication.

    Snapple I think is a independent company, but I'm not sure.
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  14. rudy2010

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    Thanks for jumping in. What I am trying to do hear is end some hearsay and get some useful information. I heard about Snapple just from a guy I was burning with. That is why I started this thread. I would like to get credible information on companies like Snapple or Dr. Pepper or whoever donated $20,000 to CAMP or some other campaign against marijuana use. Is Dr. Pepper the actual company or does some other company own Dr. Pepper. Now Dr. Pepper won't be a hard one for me to give up. But did the parent company donate or is Snapple run as a separate entity. Sorry for asking for such businesslike information but as DreadedHermie has pointed out we need to hit the right pockets. If the parent company is responsible what other products do they produce that we should boycott.

    There should be information soon on companies who are donating to have the bill to legalize in CA defeated. Those would be legitimate names to put on the boycott list.

    Miscog, Do you have any specific details on the companies you listed.
  15. DonPorro

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    Starbucks Denies Funding Anti-Marijuana Group

    check this out, apparently The Colorado Drug Investigators Association had listed Starbucks and other national corps. on their website. Among them North Face; Enterprise Rent-a-Car; Glock Handguns; and Point Blank Body Armor. The website is no longer on line.

    Starbucks Denies Funding Anti-Marijuana Group | Cannabis Culture Magazine
  16. TheHighCountryM

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    Big 5

    Watch "The Union", about mj in B.C. Canada, explains the biggest contributors to keeping MJ illegal.
    You guessed right.
    Big Pharma proven to kill people upon occasion accidentally, still not just legal.
    Alcohol-proven to kill people still legal
    Tobacco--proven to kill people, yet still legal
    Big Chema-won't even go there
    Big Agra, all 5 buy better junkets than you.
    Private Prison companies, perhaps most insidious--who makes your circuit boards? Manageable, "just doin' my time", for the most part educated, minor possession offenders. You really think they want to let go of this perfect slave labor pool?
    Drug Testing companies
    Treatment facility corporations
    not to mention any high level L.E.O. that has the ear of politicians; we pay for their familys' mortgages and local departments' new Hemi Chargers for shit's sake.
    List goes & goes. If your organization makes money off of MJ being illegal, you're doubling down right now on the payoffs.:mad:
  17. TheHighCountryM

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    Pt II

    Might have gotten off track with all the generalities. Yes, I would also like to know which specific companies. no longer buying Bud...but most of our beer bought is local brewed anyway.
    Wells Fargo, (can someone check?) will be losing my checking account for sponsoring anti-mmj fight.
    Someone mentioned North Face, this is misleading. Someone who NF was working with mentioned their lack of support for MMJ; NF got lumped in through association. Kinda like Tommy Chong, but different.
    Real info?
  18. rudy2010

    rudy2010 Banned

    Here is some info that appeared on my companies doing good for legalizatoin thread.

    Hope to see more detailed info on companies doing evil on this thread.


    Here are some anti-cannabis companies: Comcast, Hershey Chocolate, Yahoo, A&E, Wyeth. Just look at the corporate sponsors of organizations that resist drug reform, such as Partnership for a Drug Free America.
  19. SirMoist

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    The thing you are overlooking is the fact THCA lasts ten times longer in your system than any other drug out there. I could blow OC all day and be good for a drug test in just a few days (not that i do). I really pride myself on being a person who could work circles around most people AND the fact I get stoned every day. I'm not saying get blazed at work but i am saying smoking does not get in the way of me advancing my life. :smokin:
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